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MLB News: Kyle Schwarber Goes Off on Angel Hernandez After Bad Call

It’s no secret that Angel Hernandez is probably the most hated umpire across MLB. And to be fair, it seems to only be an issue of his talent (or lack thereof) on the field. Hernandez has been right in the heart of some of the biggest missed calls in baseball over the last two decades. But when he’s behind the plate calling balls and strikes, that’s when you know things are going to get weird. 

That was the case on Sunday night between the Phillies and Brewers. Hernandez was very bad with his calls, and both teams were visibly frustrated with it. When two different MLB teams in the same game complain about an umpire, you know it has to be bad. 

But this reaction from Kyle Schwarber will forever go down in baseball history. On a full-count pitch that appeared to be off of the plate, Hernandez rang up Schwarber. It was a huge moment in the game, with the Phillies down a run in the 9th. Schwarber getting the free pass would have made him the tying run with just one away. 


Schwarber’s gripe was well-founded, as Hernandez ended the night with one of the worst accuracies of the early MLB season. Hernandez had an 88 percent accuracy and 16 missed calls, according to Umpire Scorecards on Twitter

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  1. Why does MLB tolerate this ineptness? The man is clearly not good at his job. He should be forced to retire.

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