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Dodgers Fans Come Together to Fulfill Another Fans Wish

Dodgers fans have a knack for coming together for really good causes. We’ve seen it a lot over the years, with fans taking pages out of the players’ books and helping out the community around them. Fans in Los Angeles obviously know what guys like Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner, and many others do for the city.

But this story came on our very own Dodgers Nation fan page. It started with a simple ask from one fan about a giveaway being held at the stadium during the Braves series. The fan lives in Pennsylvania and could not make it out to get the hoodie that the team was giving away last Tuesday. 

She asked if another Dodgers fan would be willing to send one for her daughter, adding that she would pay for it. Instead, two other fans came through in a very big way. One sent out collector’s cards and another sent out the hoodie that she had asked for. And both covered it completely without asking for payment. 

Dodgers fans unite to help out a fan on the east coast.

It’s just a reminder of how many good things can still happen, especially in the world of sports. Thank you for always being the best, Dodgers fans. The world needs more of that kindness. 

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  1. The fans that sent the hoodie and the cards would not let you reimburse them because their thoughtfulmess is priceless and classy as is your thank you note! What a pretty fan!!!

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