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MLB News: Players Across the League to Wear Blue on Jackie Robinson Day

Jackie Robinson Day is always a special time around Major League Baseball. Commemorating the day that Jackie broke the color barrier in MLB, teams wear the number 42 without names on their jersey. It’s a great reminder of what he did for the sport, and it always feels a little more special around Los Angeles. 

This year, MLB will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of Jackie breaking through with the Dodgers. There will be a series of events, but one of the most notable changes comes to the uniforms for that day. 

Every team around the league will wear the number 42, as they do every year. But the number will be the same color as the Dodgers’ blue numbers. So every team around MLB will be wearing their colors on that day. And yes, that includes the Giants. 

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Jackie’s wife Rachel released this statement regarding MLB’s plans to celebrate the anniversary this year. 

“Our family is thrilled to see the many wonderful tributes to Jack’s historic moment 75 years ago. We will continue to honor his memory and legacy through our work with the Jackie Robinson Foundation. We are proud to have Major League Baseball and so many others as supporters of the young men and women we impact each year.”

It’s going to be a very special day around baseball and getting out to Dodger Stadium that Friday is a must for every MLB fan. 

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  1. In 2022 they will all wear Dodgers uniforms with 42. Or at least the Giants, Astros, and Padres.

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