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MLB News: Umpires Will Wear Microphones During Reviews

MLB is doing what it can to keep up interest in the sport. That includes some rule changes, which deep baseball fans aren’t necessarily a fan of. But the goal is always to bring in new fans and retain the attention of current fans, which they are doing a better job at. 

The review process during games has been a little of a pain point for MLB so far. Since the rule was introduced, it’s mostly been awkward silence or falls on the broadcast crew to make that time interesting. That would include explaining some of the decisions after the call has been reviewsed.

But MLB is changing it up this year, taking a page out of the NLF officiating playbook. According to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, crew chiefs will go to the baseline and speak towards the press box to announce who is making the challenge, what the challenge is, and what the call is after the play is reviewed. 

What exactly is being challenged will be huge for MLB teams. Much of the time, it’s tough to tell what exactly a manager is challenging and which team is the one asking for the review. This solves both of those things and allows fans to be more involved in the process.

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Previously, the challenge process came via a signal from the manager in the dugout. Those requests are not always captured on camera leaving many to wonder what exactly was happening during complicated plays. So while the deep fan might not love changes, this does make the game easier for the average fan to engage in.

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  1. They need to mic the managers and broadcast all arguments with umpires. THAT will get people’s attention!!!

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