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MLB News: Player’s Union Will Propose a Longer Season and Full Prorated Salaries

The MLB player’s union was clearly unhappy with the proposal issued by the owners. Union representative Max Scherzer made that known via Twitter on Wednesday evening. As it turns out though, the union isn’t done making negotiations altogether. 

Ken Rosenthal reported Wednesday night that the MLB would be receiving an updated proposal from the Player’s Union. That updated proposal would suggest the league play more games than the anticipated 82 set by the owners. 

According to Rosenthal, the new proposal could ask for as many as 100 to 110 games in the new season. The player’s union reportedly felt that this alternative would mean that player pay would be increased back to their previously negotiated prorated salaries. The original prorated mark represented a $2 billion loss for players if only 82 games were played, but the additional cuts add on 33 percent. 

The real issue seems to be on the side of MLB with this reported new proposal. The owners have already expressed a desire to keep the season at just 82 games because they believe they lose more money playing games without fans.

One potential compromise might be for players to be paid for 81 games while playing a season in the 100-game range — an idea some players have discussed loosely, according to a source with knowledge of those talks. Under such a plan, the players would receive full prorated salaries for a half-season, but essentially perform for “free” in the additional games. – Ken Rosenthal via The Athletic

If that’s the case, it could certainly help the owners’ side of things, unless their financial loss per games played is realistic. Another option being floated around is a deferred payment, but that has not yet been brought up from the owners’ side of things. Stay tuned…

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  1. Play the longer season. Expand by 4 teams to bring the owners more revenue (expansion fees) and more jobs for players. Add the DH to the National League. Expand rosters to 27 for the DH.

  2. 100 games (play double headers whatever to get it done) No DH keep the divisions the same to make the playoffs increase playoffs ok no biggie. Mark my words if they don’t get an agreement for the year there WILL be many losers in this.The losers won’t be just about money. Owners players and associated will be hurt badly for years to come.

  3. Looks and sound s like the union is in for the Union, not the players. I know there are a few babies sniveling about the money but hey the Fans are the ones in the middle. Fans are paying your fees. Fans are paying up the ying-yang to keep these guys, millionaires. the fans are the fools, I’m a fool because I am a fan, I like a certain player, certain team, I have paid too much for something that isn’t going to last unless you put it in a vault. We’ve been cooped up in a house for months, It’s not going to make me any happier to know I can now go to a ball game where a bunch of crazy idiots will be spitting and coughing all over you and your food and drink. And the rich get richer. Kill the season, bring the Union and players to their knees, lets got back to paying the real price for watching a game. Sorry, all fed up with it all.

  4. The “Owners” lose more MONEY playing games, without fans. There is a solution to that. Allow the fans to attend, since WE are the “BANK”, so to speak.

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