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MLB News: Positive COVID-19 Test Results Plummet Again Around the League

MLB has to ensure that players are not getting the COVID-19 virus if they want to get through a 60-game season. The good news is that early testing results before games have shown that players are testing at very low rates.

With the latest update from MLB and the MLBPA, the news only gets better. Positive COVID-19 tests once again experienced a drastic dropoff during the monitoring phase of testing. As part of MLB’s protocol, tier 1 players and personnel are tested every other day while tier 2 personnel are tested multiple times per week. Here are some of the highlights of the latest results.

  • There were 10,548 samples collected over the past week in Major League Baseball
  • Of those samples, 6 were reported as new positives, just 0.05%
  • There was a five-day period where ZERO new positive tests were returned
  • 5 of the 6 positive tests returned were from players
  • Out of the total 17,949 samples collected since the monitoring tests started, there have been 23 positive tests confirmed, 0.1%
  • 13 clubs have had someone test positive during the monitoring phase of testing

The biggest thing to note here is that MLB seems to be trending down in positive COVID-19 results. This could be due to the fact teams are not traveling yet, but could also be due to the league’s policies. We’ll have to wait to see how things change once games start and teams are moving around. 

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  1. All these players testing positive yet none of them are actually sick. Biggest hoax pandemic in history. I’ll be able to look back and say I was one of the few people who didn’t waste an entire year of life because I was told to by evil people

  2. Very interesting article. I think the only reason it was allowed to be written is because DodgersNation is not probably considered to be part of the main stream media. I also found this article straight and to the point with factual numbers. Not sure if they are true but gotta believe they are until shown otherwise. Other sites think blue for instance what’s to say cancel the season they shouldn’t be playing blah blah blah. Even if the owners are not going to make money this year (still hard to believe) it’s all gotta be about the long term and years to come. I place my bet on the Dodgers winning it all this year. Just like in ‘81 another weird year the Dodgers will get it done.

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