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MLB News: Signs of Trouble Brewing Without Negotiation Meetings Scheduled

As we enter into a new year, there was some hope that MLB and the Player’s Association could start fresh. With the old collective bargaining agreement behind them, the two sides have every opportunity to make things right and get baseball back on track. 

But don’t hold your breath baseball fans. The latest report suggests that MLB and the Players Association don’t even have a meeting scheduled for the new year. I don’t know much, but I do know that nothing gets solved if the two sides do not even talk. 

Evan Drellich of the Athletic had reported in December that the two sides did not plan to start negotiations back up until 2022. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, who reported that there was no meeting scheduled, also added that the two sides had met just twice since baseball was locked out. 

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That could be for a number of reasons, all of which stem back to money. MLB and PA might feel that there is no pressure and thus no need to rush back into negotiations. The two sides might also feel confident that a deal is going to come together, and coming off the Holiday break takes some time. 

But the simple fact that there is no meeting in place should be a little worrisome for baseball fans. MLB is supposed to have players start reporting for Spring Training camps in February, just over a month away. That means that the clock is very much ticking to get things back on schedule. 

Add in the fact that there are still a whole lot of guys that have yet to sign contracts, and it’s going to be a wild couple of weeks to get baseball started…if it’s on time. 

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  1. So much for the ‘Good Faith’ exchange between the League and Union to the fans. One or both cares not about us. If they did the talks would be going on daily.

  2. predicted this long ago. like kdl, you can set your watch by his “hate doc” rants; it’s been very clear the players want more money than they are getting. we may not get baseball in 2022.

    1. Like Joe, you can set your ignorant meter and think the dodgers will win with Barney fife as their manager. This is the best news actually for Drrrrrrrr, another shortened season and maybe with a DH so he won’t have to do anything but turn in the line up card to the umpire.

      1. If the owners have any desire at all to get some talks going with the MLBPA the first thing they should is get RID of Manfred and conduct talks with the Union on their own.

      2. Exactly Kirk. This shortened season will prevent bozo from destroying another great roster

  3. they could simply agree on some of the easier issues like the dh and expanded playoffs and have a temporary agreement until next offseason. that would give them more time to iron out a deal vs trying to rush a solution that may necessitate more time to figure out and relax and take their time. i dont think lockouts and strikes are really necessary anymore. the players look bad because theyre raking in more 300 million dollar contracts than ever and theyre getting paid way more than they earn. does anybody out there actually worship superstars anymore? theyre a dime a dozen. the worlds changed that much. maybe if all the fans disappeared then what? theyd be happy to play for 100k a year. thats alot of money for most of the world. with inflation u might starve to death a little slower. but even before the coronavirus fans were already leaving. its a different planet we live on now with a larger population and fewer resources to go around which means were all going to be alot poorer like it or not. and unless we figure it out there could get to be far too much intrigue.

  4. This isn’t trouble brewing; they’re knee-deep in it already and I don’t see how the greedy pinheads – on both sides – get out of it without affecting the ’22 season.

  5. Going to skip making plans for annual ST trip again this year. At this point I’m just hoping there will be baseball in 22’

  6. Consider that a shortened spring training could lead to player injuries in 2022. Nothing that results in another injury marred season should be tolerated.

  7. On another subject,Dodgers are know for the class and good rep in mlb, i highly doubt bauer will be back for the controversy alone the allegations at this point.

    SEAGER,CORY…does anyone else beside myself feel Cory gave the bird to the Dodgers by leaving? the dodgers and fans have been so good to him??? I feel betrayed by him???

    And Sherzer, buh-bye, don’t let your ego hit ya on the way out! you sucked during the play offs, I’d have chosen kenley over you any day! what a mistake you were!! good riddance!

    Clayton staying with the Dodgers shows total class and respect to the team who brought him on board, major respect for you Kershaw!!! ok, rant over! #bleedblue

  8. unfortunately for both sides there are other things to do if they agree thats great and if they dont well thats to bad there are more important things in life its the same with all sports these days a bunch of multi millionaires arguing over more and more money that comes from the fans i for one can survive without any sports theres plenty of alternatives to spend MY MONEY on and im sure im not the only one who thinks this way ill be at my local little league game watching baseball the way it was meant to be played.

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