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MLB News: Union Director Says Players Aren’t Hearing Much About Actual Season Plans

It turns out that we all may be closer to being big leaguers after all. As many of these start-of-season rumors have hit the murky waters of the internet, the MLB Players Association is waiting to hear anything. At least that’s what executive director Tony Clark is saying.

In a conversation with ESPN’s Marly Rivera, the 15-year major league veteran-turned-union-head says the MLBPA has not, in fact, received any formal plans for a possible 2020 season.

After rumors of a possible July start to the season hit Twitter on Monday, players hastily questioned the validity of the sources behind the rumors. Including Dodgers rookie second baseman Gavin Lux.

Moreover, Tony Clark is backing up that sentiment.

Despite all that has been floated and all the rhetoric that is out there, we have not received anything formal that details an actual plan. — U we see and receive an actual proposal with a plan or plans — because my guess is there’s going to need to be flexibility in whatever is going to be considered — it’s all assumptions. … but not any substance behind them just yet.

But something has to be going on behind the scenes with MLB, right? Clark says that he doesn’t know if there is a “definitive plan yet”, but the players union is definitely focused on the safety of players before anything else.

Still, with all the rumors flying each week, are the players hearing more from Twitter than the union?

We have to provide fact and separate that fact from fiction and do so daily at this point in order to make sure that players have a reference point that they can inquire about or a line of communication that they can reach out to to confirm what it is that they are hearing or not confirm it.

Maybe July baseball isn’t quite in the cards just yet.

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