MLB Thanks Fans With 2015 Highlight Reel

All things considered, 2015 was pretty fun. Sure, the Dodgers didn’t win a World Series and there are seemingly millions of questions heading into the offseason, but hey, let’s just sit back and remember the year that was.

Major League Baseball put this video together, highlighting the best moments involving the players and how close they can be with the fans they play in front of basically every game over the 162-stretch that is the regular season.

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Baseball is fairly singular in how easy it is to take the family out to a ballgame. Football home seasons are only eight games long, so planning that kind of day is almost an event in and of itself. In Los Angeles with the Lakers, you basically need to set aside an extra arm and leg to take the whole family out to a game.

With baseball, though, while the games can obviously be fairly long and kids’ attention spans continue to shrink, getting them to the park is considerably easier.

Thank you, fans, for your support this year and if anyone finds a fast-forward button to take us into the Spring please pass it along.

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