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Dodgers Going to Be ‘Extra Patient’ in Re-Evaluating Gavin Lux This Season

Second baseman Gavin Lux has had a rollercoaster spring. He returned to the field after missing all of last season with a knee injury, lost the starting shortstop job, and now he is struggling to find consistency at the plate.

However, manager Dave Roberts says that a player like Lux deserves the benefit of the doubt and has a longer leash than someone who didn’t miss an entire season with an injury the year before. Roberts told field reporter Ken Rosenthal from Fox that they are giving Lux 150 at-bats before re-evaluating him, which is more than the 100 that a slumping player usually gets.

Rosenthal dove into the details during Saturday’s broadcast explaining why Roberts still believes that Lux will come around.

“Gavin Lux is still in the Dodgers lineup because the club is convinced that he is going to hit,” Rosenthal said. “With Lux, because he missed all of last year, they are going to be extra patient.”

Through 61 at-bats this season, Lux is batting .148 with nine hits including one double. He has scored nine runs and driven in two, walked six times, and amassed 16 strikeouts.

Roberts spoke about Lux before the weekend series against the Mets on Friday as well, saying the biggest difference between his spring training and now has been scouting.

“In Gavin’s particular case he was on the fastball,” Roberts said. “They throw a lot of heaters in the spring and now they throw a lot of secondary pitches. That’s the caveat of baseball.”

Lux has also struggled with his decision-making. Roberts said he “was in between” and thinks he is going “to trend up.”

In two games against the New York Mets, Lux finished 1 for 7 with two walks, one strikeout, and three runs scored.

If Roberts truly sticks to what he says, then Lux should get another 20 games to prove that he is an everyday second baseman. If he doesn’t start trending up like Roberts hopes, then it will be time for a change, and the Dodgers have plenty of options if that time comes.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hui-USA TODAY Sports
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Maren Angus

Maren Angus-Coombs was born in Los Angeles and raised in Nashville, Tenn. She is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and has been a sports writer since 2008. Despite being raised in the South, her sports obsession has always been in Los Angeles. She is currently a staff writer for Dodgers Nation and the LA Sports Report Network.

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  1. They have “plenty of options” if that time comes? Like inserting someone else who is also struggling? Who are the other options?

    The bottom of the line-up is a deep hole, even more so when Barnes gives Smith a day off. I really disliked the dumping of Michael Busch and felt it would come back to haunt them. Granted, it is early, but Busch was never given a real chance, not the one he deserved. He is showing what he can in Chicago. I hate that the Cubs are benefitting from the Dodgers’ miscalculation. Busch will end up producing more than Max Muncy. He will hit as many HR and RBI, only with a much better BA and not as many Ks. For a small fraction of the price……

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