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MLB Wants To Implement Pitch Clock In 2018

Pace of play has been one of the most talked about subjects in baseball over the past few offseasons, and it seems to be even more of a focus this offseason as Major League Baseball wants to implement a 20 second pitch clock. This would be a big step towards speeding up the game, which has been a focus since Rob Manfred took over as commissioner of baseball.

The 20 second pitch clock has been a part of the minor leagues for the past three seasons. It has worked well for the lower levels, but the question arises: How will Major League players adjust to needing to work quicker? Buster Olney of ESPN shared some data on how fast current pitchers work:

According to data published by Fangraphs, no starting pitcher who qualified for the ERA title averaged under 20 seconds between pitches in 2017; the average was about 23.5 seconds. Pedro Baez of the Dodgers was the slowest-working reliever at 31.1 seconds between pitches.

This would be a big adjustment for pitchers.The vast majority of pitchers in baseball take well above 2o second between pitches.  As we all know, baseball players are very routine-oriented, and their routine needing to be abbreviated will likely be tough for some to stomach.  We’re all accustomed to watching Pedro Baez leave us waiting what seems like forever between pitches, so how will he adjust to needing to work more than 10 seconds faster?

Buster Olney also notes that it will be a big adjustment for hitters, who also have their routines between pitches:

Phillies outfielder Odubel Herrera led all National League players who qualified for the batting title with 29.3 seconds between pitches, and the Astros‘ Marwin Gonzalez averaged an MLB-high 29.5 seconds. The Phillies fielded three of the six slowest-working hitters in MLB last season.

Hitters will also be required to shorten their routines between pitches. This may mean something as simple as one less practice swing or not adjusting their batting gloves. While that may seem like a small thing to us, for hitters who have been doing the same routine their entire career it will certainly be a tough change to make.

Only time will tell how players will adjust if the pitch clock is implemented, but it’s looking like it is only a matter of time before it happens. While the MLB and the players still need to agree to the terms of this rule, many expect this to be the year it actually happens. How do you feel about the idea of a pitch clock being implemented? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Yes to the pitch clock but a problem bigger than that is the ridiculous trips to the mound by catchers 1 trip per inning .thanks

  2. Yes to the pitch clock but a problem bigger than that is the ridiculous trips to the mound by the catchers 1 trip per inning.

  3. 30 sec between pitches, 250 pitches total for full 9 inning game = 2 hrs. and 5 minutes. Enforce hitters staying in box and shorten to 24 sec per pitch reduces total time 1 hour and 40 minutes. Want to pick up pace of play — limit the number of relief pitchers in an inning and game. Reduce time between half innings by 1 min and you save 16 to 17 mins. Hold umpires to 45 sec for video review. Clock on pitchers is silly and not needed.

  4. If they have a pitch 20 second pitch count they will ruin baseball. That will be turning the game into a arcade game put a quarter in and the game will be over in no time. They will be taking the strategy out of pitching. Next they will eliminate the
    defensive shift so more runs can be scored.
    They might as well put a time limit one the game like football and basketball. Lets have a 2hr. 30 min. time limit. Who ever is ahead after that time wins the game. Or better yet just don’t even have a pitcher anymore just have pitching machine then a timer can be set for 20 seconds and that will make the batter have to ready at all times.

    1. I disagree. The game is way too slow. Get the batter in the box, give pitcher the sign, throw the dam ball. The stare downs between pitcher and hitter are ridiculous. Way too many catcher trips to the mound.

      1. If the game is too slow for you then don’t go to a game or watch a game. You really don’t know what baseball is all about.

      2. Then why not get rid of the umpires.. the rule book and dash about 120 years of a major part of the history of this country..! Still The american pastime I hear.. If it’s too slow.. not fast enough.. boring etc. then watch another sport.. !!

    2. Total stuff and nonsense. It has always been a great game but the Baez approach and these idiots fixing gloves after every pitch is pushing us to boredom. Wear golf gloves if you must protect your little sissy hands but get up to bat and play the game.

      1. Doing away with intentional walk to speed the game is another way they are ruining the game. It takes away form the game the chance of a wild pitch or pitch that get to close and the batter can hit it for a base hit. Putting the clock on pitches will ruin the game in many ways.

    3. Martin,
      I agree. What about all the wild pitches and balls. If we had better pitchers and less balls thrown it would speed it up without a pitch clock. Oh and what about all those foul balls. Maybe we need better hitters. Just sayin!!

    4. You are being facetious I think.. Ha! But, I agree with you… You’re taking away parts of the game that would reduce about 120 years of a great sport (still The American Pastime) to a shell of it’s former greatness… In the name of progress?? I think not.. More likely TV revenue.. Sponsor $$ etc..

  5. Keep clocks out of baseball! If anyone thinks it’s too slow, watch another sport. Baseball is a game full of tension with a lot going on below the surface. We don’t have another sport like this. Let’s not ruin baseball. There’s too much clock watching in society as there is.

    1. I agree with Kevin. I noticed during the regular season that on the intentional walks, that the throwing of the 4 pitches, has been eliminated.

    2. Right on, if one is pressed for time then go to a basketball game or football game. To me the DH has partially ruin the game. the only clock that is need for a baseball it the clock to tell the time when the game starts. Going to baseball is like not having to worry about what time it is or how long it will take to find out who wins.

  6. Instead of thinking about a pitch count rule, why not implement having the rule the same for both leagues? namely the DH rule. Since there’re is inter league play, either both leagues should have the DH rule, or neither league should have it.

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