MLB Wants to Know What Would Make Fans Feel Safe Returning to Games in 2021

The 2020 MLB season was unlike any that we have ever seen in the history of the sport. The lack of fans alone is enough to make it seem very odd, but adding in all of the other new factors made it completely unprecedented. The added daily testing, constant risk of COVID-19 breakouts, and time spent away from family were just a few of the obstacles that teams faced all year. 

Unfortunately, the 2021 MLB season could potentially start off in a very similar fashion. Teams still have no idea if they’ll get to play all 162 games or if it will once again be cut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Even with a possible vaccine on the horizon, MLB isn’t sure when fans will be able to return to games. So instead of guessing, the league is looking to the fans for help. Major League Baseball recently surveyed fans asking what conditions would make them feel comfortable returning to ballgames in 2021. 

MLB fans were also asked when they anticipated when sporting events will be able to have live audiences, as well as asking what percentage of tickets should be sold. Overall, the league just wanted to get an idea of how many fans would feel okay going to games next season.

With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that MLB has no idea at this point what the 2021 season will consist of. There is so much that relies on the ability of teams to host fans, so it’s hard to confirm anything until that detail is hammered out. 

How would you feel about attending a game next season? What would need to happen to make you feel comfortable going to Dodgers Stadium? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. Play all 162 games in front of fans. Leave it up to the fans to make their own decision about attending.
    Take everyone’s temperature as they enter the stadium if you want and refuse entry to anyone with a temperature. Other than than people are smart enough to make their own decisions. Way smarter than the govt. hacks that would restrictions for thee but not for me

    1. Your nailed it Jonathan. Let everyone decide for themselves. Just like They allow the peaceful protests that have destroyed the woke and progressive neighborhoods.

  2. Let’s get ready to play BASEBALL . . . With fans in the stands! Let each ticket holder provide proof that they’ve had the vaccine and then let’s play BASEBALL!
    OH . . . and we must re-sign JT.

  3. Look at the streets they’re packed with cars no ones afraid to do things except when it comes to going to sporting events. Make a mask requirement if you want

  4. As long as everyone is seated at least 6′ apart which means to the sides as well as front and back and that they wear masks. At the vendors, they must also stand 6′ apart. While they will not fill the stadium, they will at least come somewhere between 25,000 and perhaps 35,000. No crowding within the restrooms and distancing when getting out of cars and waiting for the gates to open.

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