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MLB Will Reportedly Require Non-Players to Be Vaccinated to Gain Field Access

MLB is quickly approaching their postseason with less than 2 weeks left in the year. But with constantly changing COVID-19 protocols across the country, the league is preparing to make changes of its own. 

The latest report from The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal says that MLB is actually planning vaccine mandates. Rosenthal notes that the COVID-19 mandates would be required for all NON-player personnel that require field access during the playoffs. 

The mandate would include MLB managers, coaches, athletic trainers, and any other personnel that need to be on the field. Those personnel members would need to have the vaccine in order to gain access to the restricted tier-one personnell areas. 

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Rosenthal also added that MLB added a stipulation for currently unvaccinated members. Those who wish to gain access can do so as long as they receive the first dose of the Moderna vaccine prior to October 4th. The second dose also needs to be scheduled in order for that loophole to be in play. 

Obviously, it’s much easier for MLB to mandate vaccines for their employees. It would be a much bigger battle with the Player’s Association if they tried to mandate the vaccines for players. More on this still coming in. 

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