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Dodger Stadium Parking Prices Have Gone Up, How to Save Money Planning Ahead in 2023

Dodger Stadium parking prices for the 2023 regular season were updated recently and, as you’d expect, the prices are up again. This season, the gap has been bridged between tickets purchased ahead of time and those bought at the gate.

Here are the latest figures via

  • $27 when purchased ahead of time online
  • $30 at the gate on game day
  • $50 for preferred parking when purchased ahead of time online
    • Lots B, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, and P
  • $60 for preferred parking when purchased at the gate

Prepaid parking is available until 3 hours before the scheduled first pitch. Parking gates open 2.5 hours before game time during the regular season. Stadium gates open 2 hours before game time. This may vary based on series and time of the season.

Last season general parking was $25 when bought online and $30 at the gate on game day, so game day remains the same.


The Dodgers also offer Lots 13 and 14 offsite parking admission for $5 at the gate. This is just outside the stadium on Stadium Way at the LAFD training area.

Tickets will be automatically added to your MLB Ballpark App (iOS and Android) if your account is appropriately linked. Here are FAQs from the MLB Ballpark website.

Your Dodgers will play 81 games at Dodger Stadium this year, plus one more against the Angels during the annual freeway series.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. I’ve been taking the Dodger Stadium Express for years now. Since I don’t drive anymore, and <> Metro discontinued the bus service that ran a block from my house, I take Lyft [IMNSHO more reliable than Uber] to Union Station and get the shuttle from there. Why not take Lyft directly to the ballpark, you ask? I have friends I’ve met at the Express stop who I like to see!

    I do take Lyft to the ballpark on days I know there’s a popular giveaway, or to go to La Grande Fiesta on the last home Saturday. Since I’m too old to walk up the hill to my seat, I call Fan Services for a ride to my gate. Easy peasy.

    Going home, I take the shuttle to Union Station and get Lyft from there. Advantages: I have a seat (the Metro staff know me, and make sure I’m on the bus among the first); if the bus is stuck in traffic, I’m not wasting my fuel and air conditioning, or running up a taxi fare; and someone else is doing the driving!

    Parking at Union Station is also cheaper than at the Stadium, btw. IIRC, it’s $20 max for the lot in front of the station (which fills quickly), but there are other options, including underground parking off Vignes Street.

  2. Raised parking prices???? Nice. The team is really doing their best to keep me away from going to any of their games. Well, people still go so there is nothing to make them lower prices.

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