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Mookie Betts HR Derby Results: Reactions from Dodgers Fans

Dodgers superstar right fielder Mookie Betts participated in his first ever Home Run Derby on Monday night in Seattle and did his best. Betts had a tough opponent in round one facing Blue Jays All-Star Vlad Guerrero who absolutely put on a show for the fans.

Before we get into it, it’s important to note that Mookie was swinging with a bowling themed bat.

Sadly, just as he predicted, Mookie didn’t have the best of displays in his round hitting just 11 home runs and getting bounced early. One thing that was wild was the fact that he never took a timeout during his first round.

Mookie’s furthest home run traveled 427 feet and his hardest hit ball was 103 mph off the bat.

Vlad Guerrero Jr went off, hitting some towering bombs and connecting on a total of 26 and moving on to the second round to face fellow first round advancer Randy Arozarena.

Before the Derby

Mookie’s Dodgers teammates chimed in with predictions and the advice they gave to the All-Star leadoff man ahead of the event.

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  1. Would like to know how many swings Mookie took in the derby. I thought his pace was slower than many others. Looked like he was watching the flight of the ball instead of being ready to swing at another pitch.

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