Our National Treasure: Vin Scully

Let us start with Vin, as he starts every Dodger game. “Hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good (day/evening) to you, wherever you may be.” –Vin Scully

Isn’t the familiarity amazing?

If George “Babe” Herman Ruth is “A National Heirloom,” as described in Ken Burns Baseball (Inning 4) documentary about our National Pastime, then we must agree that Vin Scully is “Our National Treasure.”

We are embarking upon Vin’s 67th and final season at the helm of the Dodgers broadcast chair. He has filled our hearts and minds for years with his memorable voice, wit, and sometimes silence when the crowd’s reaction says it best. You see, one of Vin’s greatest attributes is his humility. He would blush at this article, accolades, and the like. How many times have we heard Vin thank God first, say how much he loves his family, his job, and the opportunities he has had in life. He is a humble and gracious man who has touched many lives with his character and his voice.

We can all remember a time, and the scene begins something like this:

The Dodger game is on the radio or television. You are stuck in traffic. You are at home. You excitingly await Vin’s famous intro . . .

“It’s time for Dodger baseball!”

You hear the roar of the crowd. You hear Vin’s genuine excitement about life, the game and the Dodgers. Although you realize Vin is too humble and respectful to the game and the opponent to hear any hint of bias in his voice and presentation—a quality lost upon lesser men. He calls a game like we read a Mark Twain book. You are transported to the venue, a time, a place, forgotten or missed.

Vin’s passion pours into our souls. It does so because he is passionate about life. He makes us feel young again even though the Dodgers team play does not at times. Vin is the stable voice, the comforting sign of things to come. A reminder to live in the moment. To be thankful and to know that we are blessed.

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