Dodger Stadium Parking Secrets, Tips, Tricks, and Things You Need to Know

It is not a secret that getting to and into the parking lot at Dodger Stadium can be one of the biggest challenges in Los Angeles. And on bobblehead nights or for playoff games, it becomes even more challenging.

Here we’ve curated and assembled some of our best parking tips, tricks, secrets, and little things that Dodger Stadium attendees just might not know about. Additionally, we’re revealing our well guarded Dodger Stadium parking secrets, tips to saving money, and other little things fans should know about before getting to the ballpark.

Tips for Parking at Dodger Stadium

Plan Ahead

First, we want to debunk a longstanding narrative that Dodger fans “arrive late and leave early.” You want to know why fans arrive in the third inning? Traffic sucks. Why do fans leave in the eighth? Traffic sucks. In our opinion, the best way to ease the stress of getting in and out of Dodger Stadium is to plan ahead. Know where you’re sitting for that day’s game and do your best to plot your path to the best lot for your section at the ballpark.

We have the latest version of the Dodger Stadium lot map here.

What to Avoid

Plain and simple, avoid Gate A at all costs. Gate A is the worst. The path up to Gate A on Vin Scully Ave has too many side streets, too many major streets, too many stoplights, and just plainly way too much happening where no one knows what’s going on.

Best Gates to Enter

Whenever possible, you’ll ideally want to enter from Gate D, C, or B. Gate D is a somewhat hidden gem that can be tricky to get to. But the lots are small and super easy to exit from, which is another headache saved.

Bonus Tips

IF for some reason you have to enter from Gate A, consider using Lots 13 or 14 just outside the stadium instead. They’re just about the same walk as Lot 1 which is where they’re most likely going to force you to park if you enter from Gate A.

Also, don’t be rude to the parking attendants — they don’t know what’s going on either.

For direct gate navigation, the Google Maps app allows users to choose which Gate to navigate to, which is massively helpful in getting to any gate but Gate A.

Pay for parking ahead of time to save on the price of parking in the stadium lot. A general admission parking pass can be purchased here. Parking can be purchased in advance up to three hours before first pitch.

Cheap and Free Parking

As we talk about in the above video with Doug McKain, there are some free parking options just outside of Dodger Stadium. Here are the three streets you need to know:

  • Boyleston Ave
  • Lilac Terrace
  • Stadium Way (between Boyleston and Vin Scully Ave)

Note: for special events at Dodger Stadium, these streets may be closed. And importantly, they fill up fast.

For cheaper parking (usually $5), set your sights for parking Lots 13 and 14. These lots are outside the stadium but do feature lights and Dodger Stadium parking attendants.

Final Tip

The best advice we can give is to try and get to the park as early as you can.

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