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Poll: Is It Time for the Dodgers to Hit the Panic Button?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have struggled this season. The Dodgers fell to the San Francisco Giants this past weekend and are now 5 games back from first place in the NL West. Fans have voiced their frustrations all season, but is it time to hit the panic button?

The Dodgers are still holding on to second place in the NL West with the Colorado Rockies sitting in third place with a 30-33 record.

We asked Dodgers Nation on Twitter is the Dodgers struggles enough to hit the panic button? Make sure you vote on Twitter.

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Here are some of the responses:

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  1. HELL Yeah its time.. its past time. The fact of the matter is The FO EGO and own stubborn idea that they can run this team like a small market team . The payroll is not returning any fruit yet. which means we are witnessing a New Dodger team Mission which is not to get to World series but push the brand for all they get to profit Plus They are sitting on a TON of $$$ through TV Revenues, alienating the Loyal fan base who’s been there thick and Thin. N I have missed Dodgers games With Scully for last tree years in a Row . I have been a Fan since I was ten Years old.. (1960)  Disappointed with Ownership.  They Should look at Grabbing up Miller from yankees, Lucroy from   Milwaukee, He’s batting .300, 9 hr almost 30 RBIs, an allstar catcher.. Trade Grandal (.185 B.A.), Howell, Blanton… revisit Chapman in NEW YORK and Look at Cargo in Colorado/ Trade Puig/and some minor league players + Cash   Play Thompson in left field EVERYDAY.. 
    trade Ethier now before end of season

  2. Panic should have set in before the season started. They knew that we struggle to score runs, and they knew that we had stiffs in the bullpen when they took over. You add a little quality at a time, but they’ve been hiding  in the out house since they took over. It’s time to lock them in.

  3. I agree with Robert Carmack below… the front office and ownership have been very cheap! They signed #3 or #4 pitchers who are injury prone, so why should we be surprised when they get hurt? They gambled on keeping Puig because his salary is so low and got rid of Kemp. Did we get any value back for Kemp? Dee Gordon was traded with Haron, to the Marlins, did we get value back from that trade? 
    All I know is that we had one of the best teams in baseball 4 years ago, a world series contender, today we have an average team that may finish in 3rd or 4th place. In that same time frame the Cubs now have one of the best teams in baseball. The Cubs and Giants have the best front office in baseball. Our front office seems to think they are still in Tampa.

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