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Report: The Marlins Still Want Cody Bellinger From The Dodgers

Back in November, the Marlins had a pipe dream of acquiring Cody Bellinger, Alex Verdugo and more from the Dodgers in exchange for J.T. Realmuto. Within the Miami front office, that dream still exists.

Ken Rosenthal had an update on MLB Network’s Hot Stove. Furthermore, Rosenthal says that the Marlins are still hopeful to fetch a big time cornerstone player for their 29-year old catcher.

This is truly unbelievable. However, you must admire the aspirations of the Miami front office.

The Marlins are not wavering. In exchange for two years of J.T. Realmuto they want a top 0-3 year player. Someone like Cody Bellinger or Ozzie Albies. And on top of that, they want some good prospects.

Look, Realmuto is a fine catcher. Moreover, he would be a great fit for the Los Angeles Dodgers. That said, it’s absolute blasphemy for them to continue to demand players who could be the cornerstone of an entire organization. These are players who remain young, cheap, and don’t play catcher. Bellinger hasn’t entered his prime yet (like Realmuto), and won’t have beat up knees when he’s 29. There is absolutely no reason for the Dodgers to be compelled to deal Bellinger straight up in a deal like this. Then, the Marlins want prospects on top of getting Cody Bellinger?

Walk into your bosses office tomorrow. Demand your salary be doubled, and then tell him that you want the closest parking spot on the lot to be painted with your name on it. Also, you would like a private office with the best view. Then, and only then; will you be existing like the Miami Marlins.

I am simply not sure what type of business they’re trying to conduct, but it’s not realistic. We are reaching a point where it may be time to move on from the Realmuto pursuit for a more realistic option with a lesser price tag.

Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Realmuto is 27, will turn 28 in March. I’m sure Dodgers are exploring other catcher options while keeping communications going with the Marlins. Timing in any negotiations is very important and when to make your BAFO is critical. The unknown is what Dodgers think of Barnes, Smith, and Ruiz. If Dodgers really believe that Barnes will bounce back with the bat to at least ML average for a catcher and that Smith and/or Ruiz are the real deal(s) then don’t trade for Realmuto and find a one year backup. My guess, Dodgers have made it clear to the Marlins that they are not getting Bellinger — I would not trade Taylor for him either. Muncy would be an interesting trade offer for Realmuto with Bellinger shifting back to 1b.

    1. If the Marlins insist on Bellinger to do this deal as reports indicate, the Dodgers should just tell them in perfect English to go pound sand. They let Yelich go in an under value deal, as if to make up for that dumb trade, now every time they talk Realmuto, they seem to be trying to make up for that mistake. Asking for Verdugo I can understand but asking for Bellinger is just pie in the sky. If Andrew is stupid enough to move the versatility and promise of a player like Bellinger, I can imagine Friedman needing to update his resume on the fly. The Dodgers would never make that deal…….which means Barnes, Ruiz or Smith next season. Not ideal but I’m okay with it. That means Marlins get Realmuto for one more season, to a season and 1/2 then they will HAVE to trade him to the vultures in a deadline deal and get next to nothing but longshot prospects.

      1. Exactly! And Marlins know that catchers get beat-up during any season and an injury that puts Realmuto on the DL for an extended period further devalues him. Then there is the potential of Realmuto falling back to his previous years’ offense and losing value. No harm in asking for the moon just in case some team says OK, but that team is not the Dodgers. Under the Friedman regime I don’t believe we see any more Pedro Martinez or Paul Konerko type trades.

        1. No thanks Miami, well keep Bellinger and make due with a 1 yr temp catcher plus Barnes

        1. Good day Clint, SoCal, Bluz1st! Let me simply say that I concur with all of you here about this deal. Marlin’s FO, as well as Mattingly have to really mentally challenged to even THINK Dodgers or any other team will even give their ludicrous demands a thought.. I would love to get Realmuto BUT AGAIN, NOT for what the Marlins are demanding. If the Marlins won’t waiver, fine, it’s their bed, let them lie in it and in case they were not aware, mu guess is Realmuto wants out of Miami anyway. A stop gap catcher looks like the best avenue to take if indeed Dodgers feel Ruiz and Smith will soon be ready if not sometime this year but maybe in 2020.

    2. Agree, and also the fact that Taylor is one of the very few RHB left on this team.. Muncy, IMHO is expendable and I like the idea of putting Bellinger back at 1st.

  2. BELLINGER???…”When Pigs Fly”…as they say….Miami is truly filled with DREAMERS!!!

  3. Yup, let the fish go fish. We just need a stop gap, not a blockage for the future in Ruiz or Smith.

    I like signing Ellis.

  4. I honestly would’ve loved to just resign Grandal. Yea I know there are several arguments against that; postseason history, blah, blah, blah, etc. It’s a fact that he is statistically a top 3 catcher in the majors and there’s no arguing that, and who knows, maybe this next postseason he could’ve caught fire. You all know how streaky he is. I think we Dodgers fans may have messed up a little with all that booing. That just added bad blood to the whole Grandal situation. He’s probably looking forward to going somewhere else now. Can’t blame him for that really. Anyway I wish things were different so he could remain a dodger. Still in his prime, and one of the best catchers in the game right now, period.

    1. Statistically a top flight catcher, but has never passed the “eye test.” Watching him allow balls to roll between his legs that should have been blocked, getting crossed up multiple times in the same game, losing site of balls at his feet, misplaying popups, flat out missing throws from the OF, continuing to try and pull balls when going the other way would score important runs, etc., etc. His offense would offset defensive lapses when he was hot, but all too often he was as cold as Mario Mendoza.

      1. when i realized how bad it had gotten for Grandal….. that pop up to Cody in center.. all I could find myself thinking was thank God that Barnes was there and not Grandal, otherwise it would have popped outta Grandal’s glove and he never would have made that tag.

  5. “Dodgers need to come out and say Bellinger isn’t available,” according to Clint, and tell the Marlins to go to hell. according to me. Oh wait, they’re already there.

    1. Well said Jim. They’re drowning and know they need a life vest. Let’s not make it a blue one!

  6. Kudos to all. It’s Nsttingly behind this all. Remember he played w Bellinger father

  7. Ridiculous If Friedman agrees to that his job may be over. What are the Marlins thinking? I wouldn’t even consider Muncy in a trade. That plate discipline and ability to get on base without swinging for the fences is invaluable

    1. Many of us here feel Freidman’s time with the Dodgers should be over soon enough. But Muncy is just another LH bat that it wouldn’t be too bad if he was replaced by some RH hitter to go in middle of lineup. Besides ,towards the latter part of 2018, Muncy’s strikeouts became more and more frequent and many have written that he most likely does not duplicate last year’s production.

  8. This is getting boring already!!!! We are all agreed!!! What the Marlins are doing is trying to extort Belles from us. Forget it already!!! The Marlins know where we stand. We can go after Cervalli on a short term deal; cut Barnes loose; and bring up Ruiz or Smith and see who works out, and they have the benefit of Cervall’s teaching. Use the money to go after a right handed bat and a starting pitcher. We could also pursue – hold your breath here – Grandal for a two year deal, after which he can hit free agency again while he is young. Time is starting to get short. Go Dodger Blue!!!! Great weekend you guys, especially, Paul, PD Jr, SoCal.

    1. BLUE LOU! all sounds good to me for sure. this has dragged on for too long and it simply is time to find another catcher for the time being until those youngsters are ready.

      1. If you are agreeing with me, Azul, I am a happy man. This is starting to get me down. Lets fish or cut bait and start to put this team together!!! Hope you and PD Jr. are enjoying this New Year. You guys are the best. Go Blue!!!!!

        1. Hang in there Lou, Friedman and staff are very methodical which can be frustrating but I am confident that we will like the roster on opening day and the one for post season

  9. I think Maldonado would be a good partner with Barnes as the kids mature. And he will be affordable as a free agent.

    1. Yes, Maldonado is a forgotten name; has shown elite defense, and won’t cost a fortune. Sign him up as a bridge to the young stable.

      1. very good partner for Barnes, I wonder if he might be looking for at least a 2 year contract which is the hold up from signing with Dodgers.

  10. A catcher I would love to see the Dodgers acquire for one year, Jason Castro of the Twins. Last May he had surgery to repair the meniscus in his knee and was out the rest of the season. In 2017 he was a top pitch framer and blocker while average at controlling the running game. LH hitter with some power who would pair nicely with Barnes for 2019. Castro makes a little over $8MM in 2019. Forget Realmuto and keep both Smith and Ruiz.

  11. Remember when the Twins insisted on Bellinger and Buehler for Brian Dozier at the end of 2016? That was just as laughable. (Imagine if Friedman would have done that!) Time to move on. I’m fine with Barnes and maybe we add Nick Hundley to back him up, and we ease Keibert Ruiz in around August.

  12. I don’t know a lot about Realmuto but I have seen Ruiz play in Tulsa and the kid is good. It wouldn’t surprise me if he isn’t better than Realmuto in a year or so. I would like to see us get somebody like A.J. Ellis to back up Barnes for a year and hang on to our good youngsters. And speaking of Barnes, let’s work hard to get him back to where he was in 2017. He can hit….it’s in there somewhere. Let our coaches work with him and get it back.

    Trade Cody Bellinger for Realmuto? Crazy…..absolutely crazy.

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