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Rumor: Dodgers Would Like To Catch A Tiger By His Toe

This is trade rumor season, and an interesting name has made it’s way into the Dodgers web of possible players. Jon Morosi seems to have a pulse for whom Los Angeles is considering.

On Monday evening, Morosi tweeted that the Dodgers are interested in Detroit Tigers third baseman Nick Castellanos. However, Morosi also adds there is ‘no present momentum’ towards a deal. Furthermore, the Tigers seem intent on moving Castellanos in return for prospects.

Still, on Monday afternoon I tweeted that a possible fit for the Dodgers could be Castellanos.

There is some degree of fit. While Castellanos primary position is third base, he’s logged 172 games in the outfield in his career. His versatility combined with the fact that he’s a right-handed hitter with some pop creates the intrigue for Los Angeles.

Undeniably, Castellanos has been durable and steady through his age-26 season. With a career .274 average to his credit – his .854 OPS and .354 on-base percentage in 2018 were career highs. He played in 157 games the past two seasons.

Of course, Justin Turner is the Dodgers third baseman. As Turner continues to age, Castellanos serves as a nice insurance policy should the Dodgers part with a prospect or two for him. At the same time – the ability to play a corner outfield spot makes him a viable option.

The marquee reason the Tigers are willing to move Castellanos is due to him having just one year remaining on his current contract. With the organization in a rebuild, they stand the most to gain by acquiring prospects for the future before Castellanos hits free agency after 2019.


Mark this one down as improbable. Still, it’s interesting to learn more of the appetite that the Dodgers front office has for certain players. Castellanos fits some of the mold, but at the end of the day his crux is that he’s not great defensively. However, if the asking price is low enough; this could be something that gains traction. If Castellanos’ name continues to surface in rumors to the Dodgers, he would be a decent fit offensively that improves the club immediately.

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  1. Last season Castellanos was one of the very best hitters against LH pitching and still hit well against RH’ers. Problem with him is the horrible defense wherever he plays. Dodgers could move him to LF which might help and make a defensive replacement late in games. But who would Tigers want for his bat and expiring contract? Andrew Toles, Ed Rios, Alex Wood?

    1. They would probably want a decent prospect at least for Casty. I love his bat, not sure where we could hide him on the field. He along with the interest in Martinez (St. Louis) are making me think the algorithms are telling them with a viable staff, they’ll be able to out-slug opponents with a superhuman lineup. That’s the style of baseball I favor, right or wrong.

  2. Dumb very dumb we have Muncy and Taylor and David Freese who can play third and way much. Better defensively and offensively so what”s the point?

    1. It would probably mean they move Taylor and Muncy or one of them. I don’t think Castellanos is coming, but trying to connect the dots of what the interest means. What vision they may have of what they want for 2019. Trying to read between the lines of all the rumors.

  3. “We feel really good about our talent level and feel like we’re in position where we have some depth to entertain different conversations and possibly reallocate that depth in different ways that provide opportunity,” said Friedman.
    Translation, expect more of the same as far as handling players and lineups and the platooning obsession and all. Personally, I feel that with this teams’ approach some other NL team will represent in the 2019 WS. But wss what takes place, as otften times transactions take place after the winter meetings are over.

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