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Free Agency: Dodgers Interested In Red Sox Fireballer

Remember the 2018 World Series – that fireball reliever of the Boston Red Sox who the Dodgers couldn’t solve? His name is Joe Kelly, and he threw six innings of shutout baseball with ten strikeouts.

The old adage is – if you can’t beat them, join them. In this case, the Los Angeles Dodgers would like Kelly to join their squad. Rob Bradford of reports that the Dodgers have joined a host of teams in pursuit of Kelly at the Winter Meetings.

Bradford lists Los Angeles is a team to watch, reporting the Dodgers “may be putting the biggest push” on Kelly, a California native.

Kelly’s market has been pretty quiet to this point, with the focus in Boston largely focused on where closer Craig Kimbrel will end up signing. Kimbrel, the top free agent reliever available this winter, seems to hold the key to the entire bullpen market and could sign at some point during this week’s Winter Meetings.

Moreover, a key point in things is that Kelly is a California born player. He attended Corona High School before pitching at University of Riverside.

Kelly comes off a 2018 regular season in which he had a 4.39 ERA, and 68 strikeouts in 65.2 innings pitched. His fastball is his premiere weapon, often touching triple digits.


In short, sign me up. I loved what I saw from Kelly in the postseason, and being from California adds a nice dynamic to the mix. Of course, there is the whole ‘money’ thing to deal with; but Kelly shouldn’t come at an overwhelming price tag. Furthermore, it’s easy to picture him in a Dodgers uniform setting things up late for Kenley Jansen. The Dodgers should continue to explore this option, and if the price is right; make Joe Kelly an early Christmas present.

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    1. I like having someone like a Robertson or anyone with closing experience who can compliment Kenley. I think that will be important moving into the back-nine of Jansen’s career. Get someone with closing experience. The Dodgers have to be thinking this a little bit, no?

    1. As usual, I agree with PaulDodgerFan1965!!!!! As a matter of fact, MLB TV was just discussing relief pitchers and Kelly was held in highest regard. We could use a fireballer to take some of the pressure off of KJ. Go Blue!!!!

      1. BLUE LOU! Greetings from me and PD Jr. But don’t be too surprised if nothing happens this week at these meetings. usually that is the case, as these meetings set the ‘ground work’ for trades and or FA signings. But if Freidman thinks there is no urgency here, fine, but we honestly then cannot expect a 3rd straight NL pennant. And Lou, another thing to consider if no FA position player signs with the Dodgers. those players ,if indeed they are regulars, would not want to be made into platoon players., and to me that is what will eventually keep players away from us.

  1. As a Cardinals hater…I can’t help but remember him wearing a Cardinals uniform…but Freese was a Cardinal and he helped out tremendously…I kept saying there is no way that a batter is going to come off the bench, cold and hit a 100 mph fastball…sign him up!

    1. I think this guy can help us. Truth be told being a Riverside guy he probably grew up liking the Dodgers!

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