Rumor Mill: Wright, Hamels, Youkilis Reviewed

It’s the middle of May and teams are starting to separate themselves within their divisions. Over the next month we’ll get a better idea of who will be a buyer or seller into the summer trade deadline.

We’ve already heard speculation on a number of possible trade targets for the Dodgers. As we near the July 31st trade deadline the rumors will only increase.

Let us go over three of the more recent speculatively targets and why they do or don’t make sense for the Dodgers.

David Wright

29 years old | $15M Salary | .400 AVG | 4 HR | 21 RBI

A trade for Wright would be difficult on both sides of the deal. The Mets prefer to keep him, and are working on extending him. The Dodgers don’t have the trade package that would be required to net Wright. Not to mention what would we do with Uribe? If Wright is traded this summer his 2013 option is void, making him a free agent next year, hardly the type of trade the Dodgers would drain the farm to complete.

Probability: Highly Unlikely

Cole Hamels

28 years old | $15M Salary | 2.28 ERA | 1.035 WHIP

The Phillies continue to slide in the standings at 6.0 games back, and dead-last in the division. Phillies will have no luck extending Hamels, and could explore trading him before this summer’s deadline, which is very possible. I could see the Dodgers going for Cole at the right price. Trading for him would give us a window to sign him long-term without the competition in free agency, or compensating a draft pick. The problem is that Hamels will be highly sought-after by many teams.

Do we want to pay heavy in prospects and money? Or, do we weigh our chances in free agency?

Probability: Likely

Kevin Youkilis

33 years old | 15M Salary | .219 AVG | 2 HR | 9 RBI

Buster Olney thinks that the Dodgers would have interest in Youkilis as an upgrade at 1B over James Loney. Upgrade in what? Salary? The last time we took a Red Sox 3B he became Ned Colletti’s special assistant.

I’d rather see internal options compete for 1B, before giving up anything to go after Youkilis.

Probability: Non-existent

Of the three possible targets mentioned only Cole Hamels makes any sort of sense. If the bidding on Hamels gets out of hand this summer, the Dodgers would have to wait for free agency and hope to compete for his services there.

With two-and-a-half months left until the deadline much can happen, many teams will become buyers, with others electing to sell away their prized possessions in hopes of rebuilding for another year.

When newer candidates pop up, be sure that we’ll be ready to share them with you.

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