Scott Van Slyke Continues Impressive Run in Wednesday’s Win

With Scott Van Slyke, the mustache says it all.

Okay, you’re right, it doesn’t say anything at all — but it’s still awesome.

Even higher on the awesome scale, however, is the fact that Scotty Handlebar can actually hit — punctuated by his 2/4 performance Wednesday morning that included two doubles, two RBIs and a walk.

In five starts this season, Van Slyke is now 6/17 with two walks. Of those six hits, five have gone for extra bases, including three home runs.

Of course, as a pinch hitter or late-inning sub, Van Slyke is 0/3, but that shouldn’t take away from the spark he has given the team.

On a team seems to lack passion and drive (especially evidenced in the latest quotes from Don Mattingly), a guy like Van Slyke might be exactly what the team needs.

No explanation is needed for the move Mattingly made Wednesday to replace Andre Ethier with Van Slyke in the lineup as a way to point out that (in some cases) there are guys waiting in the wings should certain players not play up to snuff.

In Van Slyke’s case, the replacements seem to be fairly capable.

On the flip side, if Luis Cruz has taught us anything, it’s that if something is too good to be true, it typically comes to an end.

With Van Slyke, there is little expectation that he’ll maintain his .300 average all season — especially considering the sporadic playing time he’ll receive — but what the Dodgers need is a guy playing for his life to inspire the team.

Is Van Slyke the guy to do it?

Who knows, but I guess we’ll find out soon.

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