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Shawn Green Talks About All The Dodgers Opening Day Home Runs

Forever, I will remember the game and his insane line score. Does ‘6 6 6 7’ mean anything to you folks? For this is the line score from May 23rd, 2002. That evening, Shawn Green and the Dodgers hit eight home runs to bludgeon the Milwaukee Brewers 16-3 at Miller Park.

Then, I was just a pup in college; drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and packing up my dorm room for the summer. Now, I’m an old man and Shawn Green joined David Vassegh of AM 570 Sports to talk about Opening Day. Indeed, all these years later the Dodgers landed on eight home runs in a game again.

Moreover, one of Green’s first quotes to Vassegh details how when one guy homers; it catches like wildfire.

“It is contagious. I saw a couple of them, they weren’t cheap home runs. On Opening Day and have it spread out where two guys hit two, and another four guys each hit a home run it’s great to get off to that type of start. You want that contagious feeling out of the gate. It could quickly go the other way. Teams want to start that narrative where they’re ‘hot’ right off the bat to start a season.”

Green went on to say that he loved the swing paths of Cody Bellinger and Joc Pederson. He likes what he’s seeing from both players.

Furthermore, Green went back to that 2002 evening when he hit four dingers in a game. When asked if he was in a zone:

“I was feeling the pressure and the fans were letting me hear it a little bit. The first day I hit two home runs and a triple. I found my stroke. After I homered in my first at-bat that next game, I really settled in after hitting four extra-base hits. That’s when it all clicked and I realized I was in the zone.”

It’s fun hearing former hitters talk about what it felt like to be unconscious and hit FOUR home runs in a game. Equally important, the current Dodgers were feeling that mojo on Opening Day 2019. Hopefully, that same concentration remains throughout April and sets the tone for an exciting, power-filled season.

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