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Spectrum Looking Into Streaming Service to Allow Fans to Watch Dodgers Without Cable

On Friday, Spectrum announced a new streaming service for the Lakers channel “SportsNet” to allow fans to watch Laker games without a cable or satellite subscription requirement. The streaming option is $19.99 a month, and gives fans access to all Laker games broadcast on SportsNet throughout the season.

Bill Shaikin of the LA Times reported that Spectrum is also looking into a similar option for Dodgers, however nothing has been announced yet.

The Dodgers are currently broadcast on SportsNet LA, and there have been issues for years with fans in Los Angeles being unable to watch their team play. DIRECTV recently added the channel for Dodger fans with a subscription, but with fewer and fewer people owning cable or satellite television, there are fewer ways for fans to watch their favorite team play.

This would be an incredible development, as I’m sure Dodger fans everywhere would be happy to pay for a separate subscription to be able to watch the Dodgers on any given day. A majority of Dodger games are broadcast on Spectrum SportsNet LA aside from the occasional ESPN or FOX game, so fans would likely jump at the idea of paying $19.99 per month to be able to have access to most Dodger games in a long, 162-game season.

There’s no telling where they are in the process, but considering the Lakers streaming option has just been announced, there should be a Dodger one coming before the start of the 2024 season.

Would you be interested in buying a streaming service if it meant having access to all Dodger regular season games? Sound off in the comments below!

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Noah Camras

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  1. Not at $20/month. I moved to the East Coast 4 years ago and miss seeing more games but between MLB Network, Fox, ESPN, and MASN for games againt the Nats and Orioles I get enough. Would like more but not at that cost.

  2. Instead of worrying about charging us Dodger fans, put some money into the team and get us some good players.

  3. Why don’t you just put it back on free tv channel 11 like it used to be. FK cable and Magic Johnson for starting this BS. All about the money. Everyone should be able to watch their local team so put it back on local channels like the good ol days

  4. I wouldn’t pay $20/ mo for that when I can already stream it on the internet. I would pay $10/ month for the convenience. But I also don’t watch games every night, and miss Wheel of Fortune? Are you kidding!

  5. Absolutely. I have long wondered why Spectrum didn’t allow me to pay them to watch my boys in blue. Smart.

  6. I’m waiting for the day when I can purchase just the channels I watch ala carte. Spectrum charges over $240 for basic cable and internet. I don’t need 3 to 4 channels for the same shows. Nor do I need to be paying for non English speaking channels.

  7. Not at that price… it’s why I don’t have cable in the first place. The prices just keep going up and the companies think it’s fine to do that.

  8. Live in AZ. Get MLB network and AZ sports currently. $20 a month is out of range for many people. I would sign up if offered.

  9. Hell yes. Miss all the Spec.Sportsnet LA Dodgers human interest productions on players and the organization here on the east coast with only season games pkg.

  10. Heck yah!! In N. Cal we never get the Dodger/Giant games… no matter where they play!! Very frustrating. Would very much like to see ALL games. Sign me up!!

    1. Fellow Dodgers fans;
      Many don’t know that the Dodgers OWN Spectrum. That’s right…so anything that we are excited and looking forward to being made available to us fans will come at a price-a HUGE price. I frantically hope that I am wrong about this, but I doubt it. Also, how many of you are aware that out of ALL 30 MLB teams, that only 3 of them-and our Dodgers are 1 of them-impose the DREADED T.V. “local area blackouts”, which is demanded by the Dodgers as a condition for television their games? No thanks!!! It’s obvious that MLB’s seriously declining in -person game geeks are going to have to lower their life trajectories far much closely. I’m not interested in paying a huge monthly payment for streaming Spectrum because I am predicting-in advance-that that I would actually only get about 3 or 4 Dodgers games per Year by using Spectrum as my streaming service!!

      1. Randal – I think you’re wrong about the Dodgers owning Spectrum. Spectrum is owned by Charter Communications. While I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dodgers has a financial and management interest in Charter, I’m pretty certain the LAD don’t own Charter outright.

  11. My husband and I first signed up with Direct TV after being told we would get the Dodger channel SportNetLA. That was 28 years ago when we bought our home. That lasted about a month once we found out they did not carry the Dodger channel. We switched to what was back then, Charter Communications in order to have the Dodger Channel. After this long I will just stay with the now, Spectrum and any streaming the Dodgers do I can get through one of the streaming channels my nephew loaded onto my tv with my Apple box. It’s something I will hang onto now my husband’s deceased as we were/are huge Dodger fans. Even though some serious front office improvements need to be done as far as opening the “wallet” to get decent starting pitching. Hoping next year we win the division again and make it to the World Series and win it!!

  12. What will happen when it’s and ESPN game or an Apple TV game or wherever else they decide throw in? Will the stream be blacked out?

  13. I have Spectrum specifically so I can have the Dodgers. I have no interest in paying more.

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