SportsNet LA Enjoying Record Ratings Following Charter Distribution

Matthew Moreno-Dodgers Nation
Matthew Moreno-Dodgers Nation

The Los Angeles Dodgers open the second half of the 2015 season Friday sitting atop the National League West division standings and riding some momentum, winners in four of the last five games. As for off-field matters, Time Warner Cable’s SportsNet LA is also looking to build on their own respective upswing.

According to communications manager for Time Warner Sports Nadia Gonzalez, the Dodgers’ exclusive network that provides unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, has seen ratings increase 81 percent following distribution to Charter Communications customers — over a span of 30 games.

Household ratings have gone from .63 to 1.14, plus total viewers has increased 77 percent. With a larger reach in the Southern California region, SportsNet LA also posted its highest telecast ever (1.57 household rating) on June 23 when the Dodgers faced the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

The Tuesday game pitted Zack Greinke against Jason Hammel in what morphed into a pitchers’ duel as each right-hander put forth a scoreless performance. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, they came up short in 10 innings.

The previous ratings high (1.50 household rating) came Sept. 24, 2014 when the Dodgers defeated the San Francisco Giants to clinch a second consecutive National League West division title; that game was also broascast on KDOC-TV as part of TWC’s good-will effort to get the Dodgers on local televisions as pay-TV providers continued to hold out and negotiations stalled.

Included in the highest-rated games from this season are the Dodgers extra-innings road win over the Arizona Diamondbacks on June 30 (1.40 household rating) and Jimmy Rollins’ first look at the Philadelphia Phillies on July 6 (1.39 household rating). Along with being available to Charter customers, SportsNet LA is also carried by Bright House Networks.

With DirecTV, Dish Network and several others still at odds with TWC, their increase in ratings and viewership is further demonstration of the large demand and interest that exists for the Dodgers.


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    1. Either do I and I blame this on the greedy Fucs in the Dodger organization who took the money and the stupid suits at Time Warner who paid the outreagous money to brodcast the Dodgers on cable. Soon the Dodgers will have less fans and the only fault will be their own.

  1. Getting rid of the Time Warner people is the key.The FCC needs to hurry up and approve the merger,so we can see if the Charter people are any better at negotiating with other providers. The FCC are dragging their feet ,since it’s not their home team involved, they could care less !

  2. Oh how I long for the days when every favorite of the Dodgers could watch the Dodgers on TV. That was

  3. Everyone, for $75 you can get the Amazon Firetv stick with the KODI app, and you will be able to watch EVERY Dodgers game. That’s what I do, and I live up near Fresno. You only need a good, fast internet. There is no monthly subscription to this Firetv stick.

    I bought one earlier this month and love it! Get one and screw these greedy guys. I need to watch some baseball and listen to Vin.

  4. “With DirecTV, Dish Network and several others still at odds with TWC, their increase in ratings and viewership is further demonstration of the large demand and interest that exists for the Dodgers.”

    This isn’t rocket science. Of course there’s a HUGE demand to see our Dodgers, and we’re quite pissed we are missing it. Fuck Time Warner and their bullshit numbers. If they can’t figure out there are millions wanting to see the team, then obviously they haven’t a clue about Dodger Fan. These bastards can’t see through their greed. A good day would be when they dissappear completely.

    Let’s not forget TWC doesn’t pay taxes, or if there are some to be paid they are heavily subsidize, especially if they show a loss. This company makes well over $2 billion in profits a year so there is nothing that will convince me they have to blackout one single game. In the scheme of things these numbers they are promoting are moot and redundant.

    1. I understand there’s demand from the fans. I don’t believe the cable/satellite companies truly see that or believe it to be the case, however. Let’s remember former Dish Network executive vice president David Shull said his company wouldn’t add SNLA because their LA customers don’t care about the channel.

      1. Well David Shull doesn’t give a rats ass about sports no matter what the sport is. I left Dish because they refused to air Lakers games. Then Time/Warner did the same crap with the Dodgers.

        What is that saying, ‘Fool me once blame George Bush?’

  5. P.S. I still don’t have it, and why would I switch from Directv to Charter who has a below average customer service record, less channels, no NFL package, and a below average DVR storage receiver? I left Dish because they decided not to carry Laker games, I’m not stepping down to Charter after all I’ve read about their service…Dodgers or not.

  6. Seriously? These numbers are totally bogus! EVERYONE knows that Directv has the largest market share in SO Cal! And guess what? We still don’t have our Dodgers baseball on our tubes, nor do we have our beloved Vinny to listen to! This may be Vinny’s last year and many of us Angelenos have been deprived of his last years in broadcasting! I am so P.O.’d right now, I’m ready to dump all of my TV services and just watch everything online!

    Seriously, I’m losing touch with my Dodgers and hate that I don’t get to watch every single game on the tube. My 86 year old Dad is truly sad every day that he’s missing his Dodgers!

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