The Dodgers Beat the Nationals and the Umpires in Game 4

Tom Hallion, a Crew Chief of Major League Baseball is the City of Los Angeles’s No. 1 enemy. It was a warm Tuesday afternoon at Dodgers Stadium with a do-or-die win for the Dodgers. Clayton Kershaw was starting on the mound against Joe Ross on three days rest. There were many calls that were questionable, due to Hallion’s small strike zone.

The game was in the hands of Tom Hallion and the world was not on his side.


Hallion, 60, has been an umpire in the MLB for 23 years is known for his authentic strikeout call but has a bad track record.

Career as Umpire: 

  • Debut: June 10, 1985
  • National League (1986-1999)
  • Division Series (1996-97, 2008, 12-14)
  • League Championship Series (1998, 2007, 09-11)
  • 2008 World Series
  • All-Star Game (1992, 2008)
  • Inaugural World Baseball Classic in 2006
    • Finals between Japan and Cuba at Petco Park
  • Named Crew Chief in 2010 season

His recent conflict was against Tampa Bay Ray’s former ace David Price in April 2013 where both Price and Hallion were fined. The highlight can be seen here.

[graphiq id=”2kKRQVT74Hj” title=”Tom Hallion” width=”500″ height=”705″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/2kKRQVT74Hj” link=”https://www.graphiq.com” link_text=”Visualization by Graphiq” ]

He added game four of the NLDS to his list of worst in his career.

Calls of the Game: 

  • Yasiel Puig called out on a fastball that was inside
  • Joc Pederson called out on a foul tip
  • Clayton Kershaw’s slider against Bryce Harper that caught the plate
Now Tied 2-2: Who Do the Dodgers Need to Step Up in Game 5?

There are many more, but people should understand that umpires are humans and that they do make mistakes.

The two calls against Puig and Kershaw were the main factors because they were at the most crucial parts of the game. The emotions are runnings through bodies and they were getting frustrated due to the fact that it was an elimination game.

Who can blame the Dodgers for their reactions?

With the help of the veterans on the team like Chase Utley, Andre Ethier, Adrian Gonzalez, Clayton Kershaw and Joe Blanton, the rookies and umpires need to step up in game five. Check back for more Dodger news as this series intensifies.

Dodgers Nation TV: 

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