Thursday Night, Puig Makes Biggest Statement Of The Year In Rebound

At some point I’m going to stop getting too excited about every little thing Yasiel Puig does.

That day isn’t today.

After receiving an email from friends dissecting the ins and outs of the NBA Finals Game 1 last night, I innocently responded with the following insight: “watching Puig > NBA Finals.”

As silly as it sounds that a meaningless regular season game of the Dodgers would outweigh my interest in the most important game of the NBA season as a whole, welcome to the insanity that Yasiel Puig has created.

Three games into Puig’s career, we had seen just about everything.

The average (game one).

The incredible (game two).

The disappointing (game three).

As I wrote yesterday, the biggest question facing Puig was simple: how would he respond?

He had suffered his first set back as a major league player, going 0/4 on Wednesday night, showing all the downsides of being a 22-year old he could.

He was over-swinging, putting too much pressure on himself and, for the first time, he looked slightly overmatched.

How would he respond?

Would the struggles get to his head?

Would the pressure overwhelm him?

Well, the answers to those questions and any others we might have had were temporarily answered on Thursday night as Puig responded with two more hits, another home run and four more RBIs after hitting a grand slam to extend a 1-0 lead to five runs.

While we’re obviously over-analyzing every little thing he does, it’s a positive sign to see him rebound from a tough night as a 22-year old, because it’s nights like that which can derail a youngsters confidence.

So here we are, four games into a career full of promise and I think it’s officially time to take a deep breath.

Lets keep enjoying every pitch and every at bat, but at some point we’ve got to stop analyzing every little thing he does — and I’ve been the worst offender.

Time to just enjoy Puig for being Puig. Then again, a few more home runs wouldn’t hurt.

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