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Trade News: Dodgers Have ‘Most Enticing Offer’ For Manny Machado

When the Manny Machado to the Dodgers speculation was first mentioned, I didn’t believe in it. Then, Bob Nightengale joined our podcast to talk further about this rumor and mentioned specific players the Orioles had interest in. Now, there is an official report that the Dodgers ‘have the most enticing offer on the table’ for Machado. Things are beginning to get interesting.

The Dodgers have the most enticing offer on the table, according to the source, though the Diamondbacks’ offer is just slightly behind as the two teams battle for the National League West lead. Arizona entered Saturday leading Los Angeles by just one game. The Phillies led the Braves by percentage points atop the NL East, and the Brewers held a 1½-game lead over the Cubs.

The situation remains very fluid. While the Orioles are moving forward with trade talks on Machado, he is unquestionably the best player who will be made available at this year’s nonwaiver trade deadline, and having dialogue with up to seven clubs, including many that are entrenched in close playoff races, can help the Orioles in their bargaining as the month progresses.

It’s important to note that the article said the Dodgers’ current offer did not include Alex Verdugo or Yadier Alvarez. Media personality Jim Bowden mentioned over the weekend that he was told these were the two players the Dodgers were offering. It’s possible that Baltimore wanted more.

Still, the Dodgers have put something together that is obviously to the Orioles’ liking. One can only speculate what this offer might include if Verdugo and Alvarez are not part of the proposal.

And I’ve gone from feeling that Machado speculation didn’t deserve to be on our front page to believing that the Dodgers have forced themselves into the mix. The only question is what are the Dodgers willing to part with to add the superstar third baseman?

Machado is currently hitting .310 with 21 home runs and 60 runs batted in. He sports a .936 OPS in the 2018 season.


It’s going to be interesting as the days go on to learn what the Dodgers are offering for Machado. This is an item that should make it’s way to light through various media sources. Obviously, any time you can add a player like Machado to your lineup, you move mountains to do it. I still sit in the camp that the Dodgers could use bullpen help more – but what if they still plan to add that in a separate deal or two? If Verdugo and Alvarez are not the players Baltimore would be getting, what pieces of the Dodgers farm system are part of the current leading proposal? We should have answers to this; and to the winner of the Machado sweepstakes very soon.

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  1. No way you give up on Puig. His defense is elite. He works hard. His hitting is improving all the time. He is a clubhouse favorite. Think Beltre. We missed out on about 1900 hits.

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