Two Dodgers Players Married Over The Weekend

Dodgers players Max Muncy and Kyle Farmer both got married this passed Saturday.

Dodger fans and Dodgers Nation like to wish best wishes and highlight these kinds of events, and two in one night is big!

Both weddings had pictures shared across various social media platforms, so we suggest you follow Max and his bride Kellie, and Kyle and his bride Courtney on Instagram.


Max and Kellie Muncy.


Kyle and Courtney Farmer.

All of us at Dodgers Nation collectively wish both happy couples a heartfelt congratulations!


Dodger Connections

Kyle Farmer is a Dodgers home-grown player, and as such, he has more significant friendships and ties, so several Dodgers were in attendance at Kyle Farmer’s wedding.

middle and right, Kyle Farmer and Alex Wood

All this to say, let’s not pretend there’s some ‘snubbing’ going on. Alex Wood and Kyle Farmer were both teammates at the University of Georgia. Ross Stripling and his wife also appeared in a photo. Good things happen from this kind of camaraderie.


Ross and Shelby Stripling

Everyone of course looked snazzy in their photos.

In the 2016 off-season, Justin Turner and other Dodgers went to Kenley Jansen’s wedding and this is where the story goes that Justin sold Kenley on staying with the Dodgers.


Marriage is quite the journey and a huge step in life. Dodgers Nation again wishes both couples a prosperous and happy marriage, and selfishly I am sure we all hope this happiness gives both players a sense of joy out in the field. I always like to remind everyone this is a children’s game we all love, and playing it happily is something to always celebrate. So is a good cake, always celebrate with cake! Salud!









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  1. I read the headline out loud to my wife and she fell into stunned silence. “What? No way! Who?”
    Then I read the story to her. She thought two Dodgers married each other.

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