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Uniform News: Dodgers Unveil 60th Anniversary Commemorative Patch

The Los Angeles Dodgers are getting some new swag for the 2018 season. Sort of.

The Dodgers have had the best look in baseball for a long time – as decided by several unbiased and prominent sites like CBS Sports and ESPN’s Uni Watch.

So why tinker with what is already the best? The reasoning is worthy of adding small blemish. The 2018 season marks the 60th season that the Dodgers are playing baseball in the greatest city in the world.

The patch that celebrates six decades since the move from Brooklyn has a decadent look to it. Have a look for yourself:

I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to my baseball uniforms. Especially when it deals with the sacred Dodger home whites.

If I had it my way, there would never be any uniform patches or any subtle changes or tweaks to baseball uniforms. I like the idea of teams like the Dodgers, Yankees, Cardinals, Red Sox and your traditional pillar franchises looking the same as they did before I was on earth and looking that way long after I’m gone.

I certainly would never have signed off on an ad appearing on baseball’s uniforms, which you may have heard will happen a year early now in 2019 with Under Armour putting their logo on every team’s uniform front.

But I’m willing to concede that the Dodgers did well on this. It’s a classy little touch to what is already one of the hallmark looks and brands in all of sports.

So what do you think: do you like it? Dislike it? Won’t notice or care? Let us know your thoughts!

Uniform News: Dodgers Unveil 60th Anniversary Commemorative Patch


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  1. I like the patch. But, rather to see the iconic peristyle end of the LA Memorial Coliseum somewhere on the patch. City Hall reminds me of Lefty Garcetti.

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