VIDEO: Bryce Harper Uses Yasiel Puig’s Bat

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Nationals are locked in battle for first place in the National League. The carrot dangling in front of both teams is finishing with the best record in the NL means home-field advantage up until the World Series.

In a recent Nationals home game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Bryce Harper used a bat that was engraved with Yasiel Puig’s name. It’s a common practice for players to exchange items or autographs, however there weren’t any reports of Harper or Puig doing anything of the sort.

Unfortunately for Harper, the at-bat ended with a tapper back to Wade Miley for the second out of the inning. The Dodgers dropped two of three to the Nationals in early May and the two teams will meet at Dodger Stadium for three games beginning Sept. 1.
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