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Walker Buehler’s Scoreless Inning Streak Ends at Fifteen

It has been quite some time since the Dodgers have had some sort of excitement. Walked Buehler is one of the few bright spots on a team that has struggled immensely.

And Buehler was headed in the general direction of a Dodgers record that had stood the test of time. In the summer of 1988, Orel Hershiser set a record that likely will not be touched any time soon.  The then-thirty year old Dodgers legend tossed 59 scoreless innings to break the previous record of 58 by Don Drysdale. That’s right, also a Dodger.

And this year, Walker Buehler came oh so close…Not really, but one can dream.

Walker Buehler has now made four starts at the big league level, and could not have asked for more. Unfortunately, his shot at the record was cut short on Thursday night. After pitching five scoreless innings, Buehler finally broke. Two singles and a double brought the streak to a halt at fifteen consecutive innings. So close.

Buehler did pitch very well though, as he struck out eight batters and did not allow a single walk. He also got through the innings relatively quickly, keeping his pitch count down. Buehler finished with just 94 pitches across the six innings of work.

The good news is that Buehler is becoming a key piece to a good Dodgers pitching staff. He now has an earned run average of 1.64 and appears to be destined to stay in the rotation long term. With a few starters either on the disabled list or pitching poorly, Buehler has become a model of consistency.

Now, let’s get that streak going again Walker.

Looking Ahead

If things stay as they are, Buehler looks like he will get hi next start Wednesday. The Dodgers will take on the Marlins in Miami that week.

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