WATCH: Dodgers Catcher Will Smith Featured on Hometown Series

In the second installment in this series produced by the Dodgers media team, we visit second-year catcher Will Smith in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

The 24-year-old welcomed the LAD media team with open arms as he shows us some of his favorite hot spots around town. The young slugger also spends time at his alma mater where he visits with some coaches that helped get him to the big leagues.

His family also walks us down memory lane as we learn about Will Smith got to where he is today.

Hometown Series

For many Dodgers enthusiasts, getting to know the players off the field and learning what makes them tick is just one of many entertaining parts of being a fan, and with an organization full of outstanding individuals, we’re already looking forward to finding out more about our boys in future installments of this series.

You can find parts 1 and 2 the series, along with many more goodies, on the Dodgers YouTube channel.

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