WATCH: Dodgers Competition – Mookie Betts vs Cody Bellinger

The competition is already cutthroat between Dodgers star outfielders Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts. The MVPs went head to head at Camelback Ranch this week for a winner take all battle for bragging rights.

Odd setup aside here, Cody and Mookie gave us all a good laugh as they each tried to guess more scary movies, pizza toppings, and superheroes than one another.

Spoiler Alert

For the first question, “name off as many scary movies as you can,” Betts named off 5, although he tried to steal an extra Scary Movie (the franchise) by saying “Scary Movie… Scary Movie 1, Scary Movie 2.”

Sorry Mookie, only two of those three count. However, extra points to the Dodgers new leadoff hitter for trying to steal to start the game.

Bellinger came back with an impressive, if not lazy, 10.

1-0 Cody Bellinger

For the second question, “name as many pizza toppings as you can,” Dodger fans may be somewhat disappointed by the results. Betts and Belli tied at 7 a piece.

Seriously… Cody didn’t win a competition based around pizza? Notably, the slugger was upset with himself as well.

Push — 1-0 Cody Bellinger

For the final question, “name as many superheroes as you can,” Mookie came out swinging posting a 6 spot, but Cody battled right back to tie it up with 6 of his own.

Final score: 1-0 Cody Bellinger

Back-to-back NL MVPs confirmed?

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