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WATCH: Jon Morosi Compliments Dodgers Addition of Yu Darvish

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ front office received more kudos this morning from MLB Network reporter, Jon Morosi.

In an interview on MLB Network’s “MLB Central”, Morosi complimented the Dodgers for managing to find such a great fit in Darvish. He pointed out how it is good for them as he is a perfect fit on the roster, perfect fit financially compared to Verlander and the Dodgers got away by only giving up one of their top five prospects in Willie Calhoun.

“So again they gave up one of their top five prospects for a pitcher in Darvish who fits this rotation perfectly, and has a very good chance to help the Dodgers to their very first World Series since 1988.”

Many have referred to Willie Calhoun as the Dodgers’ version of a square peg in a round hole, something that Morosi addressed in this interview. He will fit better on an American League roster due to the fact that he has no real set position. The Amercian League gives him the flexibility, meaning that he has more value to the Rangers than he does to the Dodgers.

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