Where the Dodgers’ 7 Free Agents Could End Up and Who to Expect Back With the Club in 2021

While most of the key contributors from the Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 World Series winning team remain intact heading into the 2021 season, seven players entered free agency: Justin Turner, Joc Pederson, Kiké Hernández, Alex Wood, Blake Treinen, Pedro Báez and Jake McGee.

We throw out 3 possible destinations for each Dodgers’ free agent and tell you who you should expect to be back with the club. Plus, Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman, ‘encourages his free agents to seek out what’s best for them‘.


Who do you want to see back in blue, Dodgers Nation? If you had to pick just two of these names — if you only had enough payroll two — how would you spend it? Let me know in the comments below!


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    1. Jansen: 24 innings, 33Ks, 9BB, 19 hits, 3.33 ERA

      Treinen: 26 innings, 22Ks, 9BB, 23 hits, 3.86 ERA

      Hard for me to understand why everybody hates Jansen, but loves Treinen. Treinen certainly didn’t pitch like a 10M reliever, more like a 1-2M replacement level middle reliever. Pedro Baez was better than Treinen. But I’d let both of them walk, Friedman can find better alternatives than these declining guys, especially for the price.

      1. Treinen had bigger moments when it mattered most. I believe his high ERA mostly came from one or 2 bad outings. Jansen consistently struggled and had one of his predictable outings in game 4. He also couldn’t keep his role, Urias closed out the last 2 clinchers for us. His velocity is still inconsistent and so is his control and also confidence.

        1. Treinen gave up runs in 6 of his games, Jansen in 5. Treinen gave up 4 runs in 4 games post-season against Atlanta, and gave up 2 runs in a 1 run loss in the world series game 3. Not sure why its typical that a lot of dodger fans knees shake when they bring in Jansen, but want them to bring Treinen back, who any way you look at it, was worse.

      2. Jansen was the releiver of the month in June. Unfortunately the postseason isn’t in June. In the WS, Jansen’s ERA was 10.8 with a huge giveaway loss. Treinen’s Era was 6.75 in the WS. Not great. But 4 runs less than Jansen. And he didn’t throw away any games. Hansen has been in a steady state of decline for at least 4 years. Treinen is working his way back from a rotator cuff injury in 2019, after being a too gun in Oakland and is trending up. The conclusion is clear. Jansen is toast. Treinen is steady and and improving.

  1. Jansen is toast and has lost velocity and he lacks the killer instinct! In the WS Treinen came thru and again Jansen choked as usual!

  2. Jansen is now the highest paid middle reliver in baseball. I would sign Turner, we could get McGee for cheap and trade or purchase a BIG Righthanded BAT!

  3. If I had to choose, JT for sure, and of the remaining pitcher free agents, Treinen, as he could be trending up UNLESS Dodgers decide to go after a reliever from outside organization.

  4. Justin turner and joc pederson return especially. If the designated hitter stays… can never have enough good offense…pederson will hit much better this year like 2 years ago as opposed to last year when sidetracked with the new baby… the rest of the guys are easily replaceable…Chris Taylor can replace kike easily.

  5. JT and Kike.
    Kike is THE most versatile player they have. He can play anywhere…even pitched once.
    JT is the Dodgers. No explanation needed!!

  6. I can’t see LA letting Hernandez go unless an other team opens it’s wallet to him and that makes no sense as he can’t hit RHs. But he has had big moments for LA when needed. Turner is the heart of the Dodgers on the team and in the community. Treinen will be offered more by others than LA wants to pay. Pederson will make more with a team that needs him more. Pollock can handle left full time.

  7. JT& Kike some of those plays Kike can make are awesome, but how do the Dodgers expect him to improve against RHP if they don’t give him enough play time , if they would allow him to play second as starter , you don’t need all these other players that the Dodgers are always looking at ,give the guy a chance, he’s more tha than a utility player, my opion

  8. With Kiké now gone, its clear the Dodgers are more interested In saving money then keeping players. I wouldn’t be surprised if JT is forced to move on. I know he would like to stay but. I do not see them giving him the years he wants to retire a Dodger, I hope this will be Jansens last year, he was scary at times last year. and had most fans cringing when he took the mound. and why are they in arbitration with Walker, seems to me what hes asking isa very reasonable,

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