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Who Steps in for Rich Hill, Stripling Fun, Joe Kelly Love – Rip Rich | Episode 63 | Blue Heaven Podcast

Dodgers starting pitcher Rich Hill hits the injured list, and we all mourn his injury.

On today’s show:

  • Rich Hill contingency plans
  • Fun with Ross Stripling
  • Dodger thoughts
  • Madbum vs Muncy II: Electric Boogaloo


We lead off with warm thoughts toward the fallen Rich Hill, and wonder who will be his replacement in the rotation. Brook says it will NOT be Madison Bumgarner.

We mix in several cuts from our great interview with Ross Stripling. In case you missed it, you should check it out here.

The Dodgers are the first team in baseball to the 50 game win mark, and Brook pleads that they not waste a golden opportunity to win a championship. Clint feels that Joe Kelly may have actually found his groove in a new role.

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In case you missed it, we had Ross Stripling in studio with us earlier this week!

Get to Know Dodgers Pitcher Ross Stripling – The One With Ross Stripling | Episode 62 | Blue Heaven Podcast

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