Yoan Moncada Rumors: Contract May Reach $40-50 Million

Yoan Moncada

While the Los Angeles Dodgers have expressed an interest in multiple Cuban prospects, Yoan Moncada is largely considered the apple of their eye, as well as the shining light for several other teams.

At just 19 years old, Moncada is a switch-hitting infielder with power who is capable of playing second and third base. With his talent and the level of attention received, a furious bidding war is expected to unfold for Moncada now that he’s been cleared by Major League Baseball.

According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, one executive believes Moncada will receive a contract worth $40-50 million:

Rosenthal completed his thought by adding the large contract may lead to discussions being held to address the disparity in signing young international free agents and draft-eligible players:

Moncada recently completed a second private workout for the Dodgers in front of multiple executives; it was reported manager Don Mattingly and president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman attended Moncada’s first workout for the Dodgers.

Moncada’s de facto agent David Hastings said Wednesday he’s hoping his client will have a decision made around Feb. 23 so he can join a team in Spring Training and continue on his path to the Majors. While some believe the Dodgers are the favorite to sign Moncada, a source later added the team may have some reservations due to the exorbitant cost.

Along with the Dodgers, Moncada’s market figures to include the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and San Diego Padres, who reportedly will be aggressive in their bidding for the Cuban star.


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  1. These types of situations remind me of rookie QBs in the NFL. Before limits were applied, rookie QBs like JaMarcus Russell would sign massive deals despite never having taken a snap in a pro game. The NFL doesn’t do much right these days, but limiting that amount was smart. Now the MLB certainly has limitations in place for International free agents, but it still doesn’t stop teams from paying absurd amounts for guys who have never played an inning in the US. Personally, I’m undecided about whether I care or not – but with each $50M-$70M handed out, I just can’t help but think of JaMarcus Russell, lol.

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