Juan Uribe Ranked A Top-10 Third Baseman By MLB Network

Juan Uribe

Coming off a World Series season with the San Francisco Giants in 2010, Juan Uribe relocated to southern California when he signed a three-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Uribe’s first two seasons with the Dodgers were a letdown as he struggled at the plate, hitting .204/.264/.293 in 2011 and .191/.258/.284 in 2012.

Uribe then rebounded in 2013, batting .278/.331/.438 in 132 games played and posting a 4.0 WAR, which he then turned into a new two-year deal. Entering his age-36 season, Uribe’s play has landed him on MLB Network’s The Shredder’s list of top-10 third baseman for the first time.

Uribe debuts at No. 9, and despite his resurgence at the plate and carrying a steady glove, 13-year veteran Mike Lowell isn’t necessarily sold on what the future may hold for Uribe:

I’m with you, he didn’t make my top-10. I put him in that ‘just miss’ category. I think it’s the sway of numbers. His two years in LA from 2011-2012 were horrific, under .200 batting average, no slugging, no on-base, nothing. But his last two years have been outstanding. Age 36, I think that’s a little bit concerning like, can he keep this pace up for the next couple of years? The numbers don’t lie. You saw the defensive numbers. He’s one of these under-the-radar guys that plays good defense, has some pop. That is not an easy park to hit in, especially at night. The ball does not travel in LA. I’m not mad at The Shredder for putting him at nine. He’s very solid. The last two years you can’t argue what he’s done at the plate and what he’s done on the field.”

Over the last two seasons Uribe has totaled 32 defensive runs saved, which ranks third-most at his position. Since the beginning of the 2013 season (minimum 800 plate appearances), Uribe’s 118 OPS+ ranks third, ahead of Aramis Ramirez and Anthony Rendon, both of whom have a 116 OPS+.

In that category, he trails Matt Carpenter and David Wright (both 126 OPS+). During the same stretch, Uribe has hit .295/.334./439. As for his defense, Uribe was again denied a Gold Glove at third base, but won a Wilson Defensive Award.

While Uribe hit for the highest average last season since joining the Dodgers, he’s looking to rebound from an injury-plagued season in what’s the final year of his contract.

The Shredder Mike Lowell Brian Kenny
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2nd Josh Donaldson Josh Donaldson Josh Donaldson
3rd Josh Harrison Anthony Rendon David Wright
4th Anthony Rendon David Wright Evan Longoria
5th David Wright Evan Longoria Anthony Rendon
6th Kyle Seager Josh Harrison Matt Carpenter
7th Matt Carpenter Nolan Arenado Kyle Seager
8th Evan Longoria Kyle Seager Todd Frazier
9th Juan Uribe Matt Carpenter Nolan Arenado
10th Nolan Arenado Pablo Sandoval Manny Machado


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