2015 Hall Of Fame Ballot: Jared Massey’s Selections

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With the Hall of Fame election results set to be announced Tuesday, plenty of writers have started publishing their ballots online and giving thoughtful reasoning for their selections. While many have voted in ways I cannot comprehend, even after reading articles in which they explain their process, I respect them for their ability to be open and honest about their voting habits, as it’s not only a right, but a responsibility.

I am not a member of the BBWAA, nor am I a member of the IBWAA. I do not have a Hall of Fame vote that counts for anything. However, let’s pretend I do.

In the spirit of being accountable and attaching your name to a ballot, I’d like to go ahead and pretend for a second that my opinions are with those who matter and have any bearing on what happens Tuesday.

You may not agree with my selections, but that’s not the point of this exercise. This article is written so you understand why I vote the way I choose, and hopefully that becomes a common practice in the near future. So, without further ado, I present my 2015 Hall of Fame ballot.

Barry Bonds

Arguably the greatest player of all time.

Roger Clemens

Arguably one of the five best pitchers of all time.

Randy Johnson

See above.

Pedro Martinez

See above.

Jeff Bagwell

Aside from having one of the most unique stances at the plate that I’ve ever seen, Bagwell was one of the most dynamic first basemen in baseball history. Not only did he hit 449 home runs, he also stole 202 bases and had pair of seasons with 40 home runs and 30 stolen bases.

Bagwell won the Rookie of the Year in 1991 and the MVP in the strike-shortened 1994 season, in which he hit 39 home runs in just 110 games and compiled a ridiculous 1.201 OPS. He also drew 1401 walks, leading to a .408 career on-base percentage. From 1993-2002, Bagwell had one season with a sub-.900 OPS (.894 in 1995). His .948 OPS for his career ranks 21st all time.

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  1. Bonds is a HOFer….but no way is he arguably the greatest player in the history of the game…..that is reserved for Babe Ruth…

    1. While I do not agree that Bonds was the greatest ever, I saw Mays, Mantle, Clemente and others play that were amazing,. I do agree he should be in the HOF. I do not believe the HOF vote should have ever become a morality test. Vote on performance, period, After a nasty Labor Dispute McGuirre and Sosa brought interest in baseball back. I have low testosterone if I were a ball player I could not take it. Give it a rest, vote them in Bonds, Clements, McGuirre et all.

  2. well hell lets let all the ped users in,the old timers didn’t need it and so far as bonds is concerned the real homerun champ is hank arron and babe ruthi saw mays and clemente and mccovey and those guys play to.it was the good old golden age of baseball back then.

    1. First of all Bonds and Clements have never been convicted of using steroids. The government spent a lot of time and money trying to convict Clements and could not do it. Second of all I repeat the HOF last time I checked was supposed to be for Baseball Excellence it is not a morality check. Lets vote for the players on how they performed on the field. You do not know who, in that era, used. From some of the articles I have read there were a lot of guys using. But that was what was going on at the time. Get over it and stop attempting to decide who did what. Vote on performance, period. There are a lot of rumors about Biggio, Bagwell, Piazza etc. People can be ruined by rumor and innuendo if they have not been convicted in a court of law how can you say they are guilty? Dodgers 55 my first game was at the Coliseum in 58 so I have also seen a lot of baseball. My answer to you is yes let everyone in. And Ped’s or no Peds Bonds was one of the top 10 players I have ever seen. I was priveleged to watch Mays, Mantle Clemente, Hank Arron. I am thrilled to still be alive and watch Trout and the young guys coming up.

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