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3 Shortstops Dodgers Could Target in Blockbuster Deal Before Trade Deadline

With MVP candidate shortstop Mookie Betts out for the foreseeable future with a fractured hand, the Dodgers could look to trade for a shortstop before the trade deadline. In a recent video on the Dodgers Nation YouTube Channel, Doug McKain discussed three potential options for Los Angeles.

1. Bo Bichette, Toronto Blue Jays

Bo Bichette has been a top shortstop for the majority of his MLB career. In five seasons, he’s led the American League in hits twice. He is a two-time All-Star and has finished in the top 16 in MVP voting. But, this season has been a bit of a down yar for him.

He would not be the ideal trade target for the Dodgers, especially because he is not a rental player. The Dodgers would have Bichette for the remainder of this season and the next season. Considering the Dodgers’ history of trading for rental players at the deadline, Bichette does not seem like a probable target this season.

Bichette is also posting several career lows. His slash line is .234/.285/.337, all of which are the lowest in his career. Additionally, metrics like his BABIP, barrel rate, and wOBA are also at career-low levels.

However, his underwhelming performance this season might offer a silver lining for potential teams at the deadline.

“The positive is that the price would have to go down just a little bit. I mean, if he was having a typical Bo Bichette-level season, then you were looking at a prospect capital cost that would be extremely high.” 

– Doug McKain, Dodgers Nation YouTube Channel

Finally, his situation with the Blue Jays suggests he may not re-sign, making him a possible target for the Dodgers in the future.

2. Willy Adames, Milwaukee Brewers

In a perfect world, Willy Adames would be a top shortstop for the Dodgers to target at the trade deadline. However, with the Milwaukee Brewers sitting in first place in their division, it is unlikely that Adames will be up for grabs. 

Through 80 games, Adames is batting .241/.333/.429 with 13 home runs and 54 RBIs. He has a career-low strikeout rate and a career-high walk rate this season.

Although it is unlikely that Adames will be available, he is on an expiring contract and is expected to command a more lucrative deal next season. Additionally, sacrificing Adames may benefit the Brewers in the long run.

“Sure, the team’s offense would suffer. Its morale would, too. But how exactly are the Brewers going to get through the season with their rotation in such a dubious state?” Brandon Woodruff and Wade Miley already are out for the year. Robert Gasser might soon join them. Both external free-agent additions, Jakob Junis ($7 million) and Joe Ross ($1.75 million), are on the injured list as well.”

The Athletic, Ken Rosenthal

Rosenthal is suggesting that even though the Brewers are at the top of their division currently, they may not have a solid starting pitching rotation by the offseason. This means it is possible that the Brewers could sacrifice Adames for top prospects who will contribute to the team in future seasons. 

While the chances of the Dodgers acquiring Adames at the deadline are slim, his pending free agency means the Dodgers could pursue him in the offseason.

3. Paul DeJong, Chicago White Sox

Finding the right blend of talent and favorable conditions is important when looking for a player to get at the deadline. Paul DeJong fits that profile.  

“This is not a deal that’s going to force you to run to the Dodgers top of the deck store to buy his jersey or anything like that. He’s not going to break the internet, but Paul DeJong is having a really quality season with the Chicago White Sox.”

– Doug McKain, Dodgers Nation YouTube Channel

DeJong presents a cost-effective trade option as he is on an expiring contract, making him a rental player.

Offensively, he would be an improvement from Kiké Hernandez and Miguel Rojas. DeJong ranks second among MLB shortstops with 14 home runs in 75 games, along with a .235/.282/.453 slash line and 30 RBIs. His barrel rate (10.4%) ranks in the 73rd percentile while his hard-hit rate (43.3%) ranks in the 66th percentile across MLB.

However, DeJong’s main downfall lies in his high strikeout rate and low walk rate.

Considering the Dodgers’ preference for package deals, acquiring DeJong alongside either Luis Robert Jr. or Garrett Crochet would be ideal. Under this condition, DeJong emerges as the top trade target for the shortstop position.

Photo Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. How about no to all? We kan get by at SS with Miggy, Kiké or CT3. Beets may have to move back to the OF. However, I say BIG YES to GCrochet.

  2. Uh, how about no on all of the above? Why bring in any of these mediocre talents when Mookie is a top tier all star while learning a new position??! Miggy Ro is a defensive upgrade on any of these cats. Leave Mookie alone, let him have his fun and find a long-term shortstop next year after WS win.

  3. Whispers abound now that the Dodgers are close to a epic mega 12-player swap that will upgrade their entire infield.
    With this deal, it now appears as though they potentially could actually be choke-proof. Press conference scheduled for tomorrow morning 9am EST ON MSNDC.

    1. “Choke proof”? No such thing. Just like no such thing as an unsinkable boat/ship. And with the repeated epic playoff decision fails by Roberts, I would suggest not bantering about “choke proof”. Why? too many people here want to give Roberts credit for regular season success, but zero responsibility for their playoff failures. “He doesn’t pitch” or “He doesn’t hit”. Agreed, but he makes decisions that affect the pitchers and hitters, so not all on him, but certainly some of it is.

  4. I’d like to see a move for Adames, but only if the price isn’t ridiculous. Bichette would have to be a serious bargain. DeJong is a flat ‘no’ for me.

    I’m thinking that way because I’m good with Rojas at SS. Love his D. I really hope Mookie comes back at 2B.

    I’d like to see Lux and Taylor and Biggio move on by the trade deadline. Add an above average utility infielder who isn’t an automatic out. Basically another Rojas.

  5. Bo Bichette is the answer. He is the third best SS in the game. Dodger already let #1 go Seager and the #2 Turner. Let’s grab the 3rd best SS and hold on to him. Bo’s number are down the first half of this year but a lot of that is because of injury. As he is healing up his numbers will go back to normal in the second half, especially if you throw him in the mix with the Dodgers lineup. BICHETTE is for real and he’s a scrapper with the glove and a sparkplug with the bat.

  6. SS is already steady enough with Rojas. Instead get a real third baseman who can hit. Use some of the farm to get him and a playoff starting pitcher. Find studs who can handle playoff pressure then you’ll get your WS title.

  7. Agree with almost everybody. SS is not a problem at the moment so there is no need to trade bunch of prospects for a rental SS who may not be any better than someone we can get later in a more friendly deal. Rojas is doing a good job and Taylor can field decently even if he can’t hit his weight We need to be patient here and use our trade capita; wisely like for Crochet as a starting pitcher. That I Would support,

    1. Crochet is an excellent choice being a strikeout pitcher like Glasgow. In the playoffs a strikeout pitcher is the absolute in winning the game, with shutdown performance. Now you have 2 solid righties and 2 solid lefties for the series.

    2. Tarik Skubal of the Detroit Tigers could be another good option if they’re interested.

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