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Aaron Judge Rumors: Insider Does Not Believe Dodgers Sign Free Agent

Almost a month into free agency, and no top-tier free agents have inked themselves into a new contract. Some record-breaking deals could be signed this winter, and the Dodgers are in on almost every free agent, from names like Trea Turner, Jacob deGrom, Carlos Correra, and Aaron Judge.

Judge is the most highly touted free agent since the 2018 off-season with Bryce Harper. He’s coming off an MVP season with the New York Yankees and scored a career-high in runs, RBIs, hits, OPB, OPS, average, and home runs. Overall, Judge had a historic season that will earn him huge money.

However, OC Register’s Bill Plunkett went on Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s show “High Heat” and said he believes that the Dodgers will not sign the righty slugger.

“I think the Dodgers will make a run at every free agent who comes out on the market, but I don’t think they will be where he ends up. I think the Mets, Giants and Yankees are going to be more motivated as far as paying him what he wants. I don’t see the Dodgers going to the same lengths that they did when signing Mookie Betts. That’s kind of the contract he’s going to be looking for.”

The Dodgers are in play for every big free agent that hits the market, but they hardly land on any because of their willingness to give them the money they want. They’re picky about who they want to give big money to, which is understandable.

Never say never with the Dodgers; they always seem to have something up their sleeve. Plunkett went on to say that the Dodgers will always be on the fringes.

“Will they be on the fringes of the discussions? Will they be opportunistic if things fall their way? Absolutely, that’s their M.O. A year this time did they think they were going to get Freddie Freeman? Probably not. Three years ago, did they think they were going to get Mookie Betts. I don’t think we were talking about that, but they end up with these big names somehow sometimes.”

The money is there, and the opportunity is there; L.A. is a city of stars, and Judge would fit like a glove for the Boys in Blue.

The sense of urgency may differ from the Mets, Giants, or Yankees. Dodgers came off a historic season, so they may want to take a different approach this off-season.

If Judge comes or he doesn’t, the Dodgers will be fine.

What do you think, Dodger fans? Should the Dodgers aggressively pursue Aaron Judge?

Ricardo Sandoval

Born and Raised in the East side of Los Angeles. Ricardo is a staff writer at Dodgers Nation and on the LA Sports Report network of sites. He's also a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan. Ricardo is an alumnus of CSUN (Go Matadors).


  1. This feels like one of those years where the Dodgers “come in third” on every free agent.

  2. I don’t think they need him. With Mookie in right, prospect Outman in center, they should try to sign a mid-level right handed batting leftfielder. And try to make the trade for Adames and Burns of Milwaukee for prospects. Those moves would keep them under the salary cap and reset the tax payout to make a run Ohtani next year. Remember the defensive shift is out so you need athletic middle infielders with range. So you keep Lux at second with Adames at shortstop. Chubby Muncy can’t play second anymore, he’s stay’s at third or DH. These or the moves Friedman should and probably will do. He’s not going to sign anybody to a big contract. Maybe Verlander.

  3. Let’s just have these writers stop with talks of Judge. He IS NOT Signing with Dodgers…PERIOD.

    1. That’s exactly what you said last year when Freddie was a FA. Look what happened. PERIOD.

  4. All the Judge talk was a screen for cost cutting with JT, Belli, TT, TA. They were never going to make serious offer to Judge, Trea, Rodon, TA. They are only interested in finding what kids pan out, maybe trading for a SS, and resetting the cbt. This year is all about recon on what they have and who will go next year when they reload.

  5. The fact that the Dodgers were sent packing in the playoffs says they need something more than what they currently have.

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