Andre Ethier : Extension Countdown

It’s no secret that Andre Ethier is off to a great start this season and has been a huge key to the Dodgers success. He is proving that last years knee surgery has gone as expected and is showing no signs of any setbacks.

Good friend Matt Kemp has already requested for new ownership to lock up Ethier long term.

“I definitely would want him here for years to come”

Ned Colletti always had a soft spot for Ethier, being one of his very few bright spots as the Dodgers GM. Ned appears to be waiting for new ownership to take over before addressing the Ethier extension.

“I’ve always been inclined to keep him, his start certainly hasn’t hurt.”

Let’s be honest, If Ethier keeps up this kind of production and Ned fails to extend him, Neds days as GM for the Dodgers are over. Sure Ned could let Ethier walk and attempt to pay dearly for Hamilton, but that’s too risky for Colletti. Hamilton has issues of his own.

What’s a fair contract? I like the number 5. Ned likes the number 3. I could see a 5 years deal in 65-70m range being fair.

Thoughts from Dodgers Nation Facebook community:

Sal says, “The question is….does he want to stay?????? There’s talk that he wants to hit the east coast b4 his career is over.”

My Thoughts: We heard playing with his buddy Dustin Pedoria in Boston was a desire, or even a homecoming to Arizona. However, Ethier was born into his MLB career as a Dodger. The Dodgers are the one who traded for him and gave him his shot in the bigs.

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