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Part One of a Series: Blue, The Dodger Dog, who is serving as the unofficial Fine Dining and Night Life Editor for Dodgers Nation, takes us on a tour of Dodger fan’s favorite* pre-game, in-game and post-game hangouts around Southern California. The establishments listed here are not ranked in any particular order or by any particular criteria except by the fact fans like them. *The method for determining what “favorite” means was wholly unscientific and basically consisted of asking Dodgers followers, “Hey, where’s a good place to go.” Think of it as on the level of asking an Uber driver who happens to look like a big blue dog wearing a baseball cap. You know, for what it’s worth.

THE SHORT STOP, 1455 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles

The Short Stop is just minutes from Dodger Stadium in the Echo Park area which makes it a perfect rest stop after you’ve manuvered your way out of the Stadium parking lot. Heck, if you’re in a hurry, you could hoof it! It’s a friendly, Dodger-themed bar that also features DJs, dancing and very reasonably priced drinks. Whether celebrating a win or commiserating with other fans after a loss, it’s a great place to meet.

PHILIPPE THE ORIGINAL, 1001 North Alameda, Los Angeles


Before you can have your “Official Dodger Fan” card punched, it’s almost a condition that you knosh on a pre-game beef dip at Philippe The Original on Alameda. Philippe pre-dates the Dodgers as a Los Angeles institution by more than fifty years having opened in 1906. Upon the opening of Dodger Stadium in 1962 it bacame the de facto home to peckish Dodger fans. Claiming the title of “originator” of the French Dip Roast Beef Sandwich it’s an old-time, sawdust on the floor “deli with a REAL specialty” which provides fast, friendly service, ample seating and aneighborhood vibe that rivals any spot in Basballdom. Obviously, the sanswiches are Dodger “D” Divine, yje sides are classic and the breakfast are great … which is nice for those day game early arrivals of which I am often one. On this list, Philippe The Original is my personal favorite.

IN ‘N’ OUT BURGER, You Know Where They Are, SoCal

Nothing says Southern California better than In ‘N’ Out Burger. Ask anyone who has moved outside the boundaries of In ‘N’ Out’s (ever expanding) territory and they’ll tell you the thing they miss most about “home” are these classic burgers. Simple menu (although being hip to the “secret” ordering code expands the varirty of variations on the standard fare) served up fresh, wait, make that Fresh with a capital “F”, has worked incredibly well and has helped develop one of the most loyal and passionate customer bases in the entire nation’s food industry. Plus, it’s family owned and commited to uncompromising quality. For a Dodger connection look no further than the controlling family member residing in the house Adrian Beltre built in the hills of Glendora! You can be certain that you will find lots of Dodger caps on In ‘N’ Out customers heads all around SoCal every day. Why? Because Dodger fans know what it means to be gooooood.

TAIX, French Restaurant, 1911 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles (Echo Park)

While researching this piece I was surprised to hear that this lovely restaurant was mentioned as a favorite of baseball fans. I mean, I get the burger, pizza and bar food establishments getting mentioned. You know, places where the game might be on TV (insert blackout rant here) but a French cuisine, brie and wine joint with linen napkins? What are we, SC tailgaters? (Bad-da-boom! Blue is a Bruin.) But, yet, it’s what I heard! Granted, the proximity to Dodger Stadium makes it a natural and, as far as I can gather, the food, service and atmosphere are all top-notch, so why not? In the mood for something a little more genteel? Not a fan of pedestrian fast food? Just trying to treat yourself after enduring another Pedro Baez outing? Give Taix a try! Tell the maîtr d’ Blue sent you.


Feel free to send your favorite Dodger fan watering hole/restaurant/dive/joint to Blue for inclusion in this story! Twitter: @dodgersbluepen or reply in the comments section below.


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  1. Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank. Classic 50’s ambience, Good burgers still. “Just around the corner” from the stadium and on the way from the Valleys.

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