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Astros’ Josh Reddick Calls Out Dodgers Fan Base For How He Was Treated

Josh Reddick came to the Dodgers in August of 2016 as a part of the deal that also brought Rich Hill, with Los Angeles giving up prospects Jharel Cotton, Grant Holmes, and Frankie Montas. Reddick struggled when he first became a Dodger, hitting just .161/.223/.172 in the month of August. He was able to bounce back a little bit to lift his regular season numbers with the Dodgers to .258/.307/.335, and hit two home runs. Though these numbers aren’t amazing, his 2016 postseason was pretty good. His slash line in the NLDS and NLCS combined was .308/.333/.308.

After the season was over, he signed a four-year deal with the Houston Astros for $52 million. He was exceptional for the Astros in 2017, putting up a slash line of .314/.363/.484 and hitting 13 home runs. However, his bat has fallen asleep in the postseason this year, getting just 7 hits in 41 at-bats. So why are we talking about old friend, Josh Reddick?

The Astros defeated the Yankees on Saturday and will head to Los Angeles to face the Dodgers in the World Series. After the game, Josh Reddick commented on why he wanted to play the Dodgers in the World Series, citing the fan base as the main culprit.

This is what he had to say, compliments of Pedro Moura of the Los Angeles Times:

Well, Josh Reddick got what he wanted. In just a couple of days he will be playing at Chavez Ravine in front of a sea of blue. He specifically notes that getting a reaction from Dodger fans would be a personal win for him. Hopefully he isn’t too crushed when the Dodgers win and all he sees is smiles in the stands!

In all seriousness, it’s pretty crazy to think that Dodger fans are a driving motivation for Josh Reddick after all this time. In a weird sort of way, it’s almost a bit flattering. What do you think about his statement regarding Dodger fans? Let us know in the comments below!

Alex Perez

Whittier College Alumnus. Editor In Chief of Dodgers Nation. Lifelong Dodgers fan.


    1. Play is the operative word. He was last years version of Curtis Granderson but without the occasional power.

    2. I think he wants the Dodger faithful to boo him and give him some kind of personal motivation… to use it as a driving force to inspire him to perform. It seems as though he wants to take that “underdog” approach. How great it would be if the Dodger Stadium crowd gave him an applause for his first at-bat and ruined his game plan. I know it won’t happen, but I’d just love to see the look on Reddick’s face… and then watch his numbers plunder.

      1. Remember the scene in the movie “Mystery Alaska” where when the NY Rangers were introduced the entire town had their faces in a newspaper? That would be awesome. Hand out the latest issue of the L.A. Times.

  1. Pathetic of him to admit his feelings are hurt. For his ALCS performance he had 12 AB with 1 hit, I’m sure he is going to hurt us fans with his performance. By the way, he has many Astro fans trolling him on Twitter, he isn’t a favorite on his home turf either.

  2. Gosh, Dodgers fans are SOOO worried now. Aaron Judge would’ve been a MUCH easier player to face, but now we have to deal with Reddick and his dangerous at-bats!

  3. How ridiculous just like Mat Kemp saying Altlanta was a better baseball town than Los Angeles

  4. I don’t like it when the fans boo their own players. (Well, except perhaps for Pedro Baez). But I gotta admit, when I read this I thought…Josh Reddick played for the Dodgers??

    1. He is just blip in baseball not a good sport. It’s that way with any sports figure, give us a reason to Cheer for you.

  5. Pull your pants up and play ball. Maybe this winy attitude is why fans didn’t like you. Players get traded all the time especially the time a dozen kind.

    1. That’s part of the game sometimes. I don’t ever boo because it just makes the other team work harder. I went to about 10 games in that time span and I don’t remember any mistreatment. You don’t boo your own team people. No class.

  6. Riddick was brought to us in hopes his bat would help us. It didn’t!! L.A. is a city were either you shine and get loved or hey cya!!! Granderson is this year’s Riddick

  7. What I recall , Josh was smashing the ball and hitting right at someone then had a major slump then hit well at the end of the season and play offs he replaced Puig who deserved to be replaced. I thought he was a hard noise good ball player for us and did not deserve to be booed.

  8. Does he really think that? What an idiot! I remember feeling bad for him and hoping he’d get some hits to boost his confidence. I didn’t dislike him… I was rooting for him. I don’t appreciate him assuming how we felt or thinking he was being booed… maybe the crowd was booing the homeplate ump for a bad call against him.
    Anyway, fan reactions weren’t necessarily revolving around him… So Josh, don’t flatter yourself.
    Oh, btw… now i don’t like him!

  9. When they win? Not at Dodger Stadium! Granderson will be saying the same thing if he doesn’t retire & decides to play elsewhere. Go Dodgers!

  10. Well, now isn’t HE SPECIAL! Come on back Mr Reddick. We’ll be waiting to give you a big round of applause now. NOT!

  11. Wow, this is so insulting! Honestly, I went to several games last year, but I don’t recall Reddick being boo’ed that much even though he was having a bad year, unless I was oblivious to it. Josh was lucky that Coach Roberts gave him many opportunities to bring his game up. He wasn’t up to the task, but I think we’re all adult enough to understand that everyone has a bad year, even the best of players.

    L.A. fans are great for the most part. I always have a lot of fun at Dodger Stadium. I always see very nice people who are there for the same reason I am, to watch a great game played by our great team. Yeah, there are jerks but these are few and far in between.

    Sounds to me like Josh is a bit jealous or bitter? He needs to enjoy his $53mm contract and focus on his own team, and pleasing his own fans.

  12. I hate it when we boo our own players – even Baez! They are human and trying. Now we can really boo Reddick.

  13. Josh Reddick, who’s he? The joke who thought he was a MLB outfielder. What a
    joke. Wait till Kershaw, Hill n Wood get done with him. Oh thats right he will be batting 9th.

  14. Oh no! The guy who just went 0 for 22 in the ALCS- setting a new hitless record is going to exact revenge on us. So scary.

    Astro fans are also upset with his baseball “ability”- and if his contract wasn’t painfully untrade-able- they’d be on his limp revenge list for next year.

  15. Two things: (1) It’s not about you Josh! (2) your results or lack thereof, is reason you’re …..somewhere else!

  16. He should complain… First, not every player can be a Dodger. Secondly, Reddick has one of the highest pay-to-talent ratios I’ve ever seen. If he’s worth $52 million fpur four years, what would Ruth have been worth?

  17. He should complain… First, not every player can be a Dodger. Secondly, Reddick has one of the highest pay-to-talent ratios I’ve ever seen. If he’s worth $52 million for four years, what would Ruth have been worth?

  18. Self delusional. How stupid of Houston to give that $$$ to a non clutch player? You make double what Puig n Chris make and worth less than 10% of what they produce! Here is your crying towel!

  19. I hope they play some really sad walk-up music for him. Pobrecito had his feelings hurt. If he performs anywhere near what he did for LA we won’t have anything to worry about.

  20. Seriously? I thought that “professional” athletes were supposed to have a thicker skin than that and have the attribute of a pro to rise above it and focus and perform. Obviously, that’s not always the case, especially for mental midgets and I know I won’t lose any sleep over the topic. Maybe he needs to be coddled and counseled. Go Dodgers!

  21. Josh had the opprtunity to produce and he didn’t. Appreciate the honesty for his motivation but you can blame fans reacting to a rental piece who isn’t performing. Again love the honesty but hate the underlying reason. He just sucked when he was here.

  22. Now we know who the real fans are. Some are just being sarcastic but others, how do you not remember josh Reddick? It was just last year?
    Anyway, we don’t have time for this. Let’s enjoy this series with all the awesome guys we have now! Let’s go Dodgers!

  23. It comes down to results and he didn’t produce. But if the poor baby is whining about Dodger fans, glad he didn’t go to Philly or NY. Maybe that’s why Boston dumped him on lowly A’s

  24. I’m sorry, who is this guy? Oakland didn’t want you, we didn’t want you, and after you and “your” Astros lose the World Series in four games they’ll dump you too. Just shut up and do your job.

  25. This is probably already posted in the Dodger locker room. Thanks Josh. Helping us even after you leave.

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