Baseball Author Harvey Frommer Joins Dodgers Nation For Q And A

With the Dodgers set to begin a two-game series with the Yankees for the second time this season, Dodgers Nation reached out to Harvey Frommer, a celebrated author who has written more than 40 sports books and a professor in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program at Dartmouth College.

Frommer’s newest book, “New York City Baseball”, takes a look at a decade of baseball (1947-1957) in which the Yankees, Dodgers and Giants all averaged 90 wins per season and dominated baseball. The book recounts stories about Joe DiMaggio, Bobby Thompson, and the Dodgers beating the Yankees in the 1955 world series.

Below, Frommer answers a series of questions about the Yankees and Dodgers. You can find Frommer’s work at his website here.

1. What’s your favorite memory of Don Mattingly in a Yankee uniform?
Maybe my least favorite was when he was chit-chatting with an attractive female scribe in the Yankee locker room and I was kept waiting on deadline for important info.

2. What’s your favorite memory of the Dodgers-Yankee rivalry?
1955 The Dodgers finally defeat the hated Yankees in the World Series and as a very young guy in Brooklyn – it was a heavenly fall.

3. What, if any interaction have you had with Vin Scully? How was that?
I always loved baseball announcers and did not have any relationship with him during his Brooklyn days but did interview him for a couple of my books in LA. He was witty, kind, informed and a treasure to be with unlike Mattingly back in the day of question one. I probably asked him questions he had been asked many times, but he patiently and colorfully responded demonstrating the class that all Dodger fans have to expect.

4. Do you think we’ll ever see another Dodgers-Yankees World Series?
Everything that goes around, comes around. Yes. Two elite organizations and both with money to spend and a huge fan base to please; it should happen one of these years. It will evoke the old NYC days of the Subway Series.

5. What do you think of the Dodgers spending ways rivaling that of the old Yankees?
Copycats — almost — but the old Yankees played in different eras under one man rule George Steinbrenner and before Col. Jacob Ruppert. They held and loosened the purse strings. That is how it changed.

6. What did George Steinbrenner say about the Dodgers?
Any team his team played against he had no use for but he was a good owner. He particularly had some animosity to the Dodgers since there was the history of Brooklyn Dodgers vs NY Yankees.


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