Best Seat Locations To Catch A Foul Ball At Dodger Stadium

[new_royalslider id=”76″] Since taking purchasing the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Guggenheim group has made significant strides in improving the environment and fan experience at Dodger Stadium.

After a bit of a delay, the stadium’s Wi-Fi system has been up and running since Opening Day this season and new dinning options were added. However, what can’t be controlled what’s arguably one of the biggest draws for fans in attendance is their chances at catching a foul ball.

While one can’t guarantee themselves a foul ball, BestFoullBallSeats.com has a list of sections where the odds are increased:

3rd base side: Dugout Club 7-15, Prime Ticket Club 27-37, Baseline Field Box 17-25, Infield Box 27-33. 1st base side: Dugout Club 6-10, Prime Ticket Club 26-36, Baseline Field Box 16-24, Infield Box 28-32.

They also note the added benefit with sitting in the Loge (second) level and near the dugouts:

The second level seats (Loge boxes) are pretty good for foul balls and obviously they are cheaper than the field seats. This is one of the few stadiums with second level seats getting a larger percentage of foul balls. The spread of foul balls in these seats is hard to predict so you can just pick a seat and hope for some luck. Your best odds for foul balls will be around the dugout seats with the added benefit of player tossed balls.

Along with the seats near the dugouts, those within the first five to 10 rows of each foul line have traditionally been hotspots for foul balls. With a ball boy manning each side, it’s not uncommon for them to take a foul ball and toss it into the stands.

Furthermore, players giving chasing to a ball that lands in foul territory and out of their reach are also commonly thrown to the fans.

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