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Best Win Streaks in LA Dodgers’ History

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When it comes to baseball, there are lots of great teams, but few are as great as the LA Dodgers. They have their fair share of winning streaks and they’ve currently been added to the list. That’s why their winning streak record is worth a peek.

LA Dodgers Winning Streak

This year marks another important year for the Dodgers as they have added another winning streak and broken another record. They closed the regular season with a 7-game winning streak and managed to take 15 in a row in Dodger Stadium. But what about their previous winning streaks?

It’s a good idea to look at them chronologically which is why we’ll go back to 1962. This was a year when they managed to get 13 wins in a row. They fell back 4 and ½ games to the Giants but managed to be tied with them in the first place.

Then it’s time for 1965 when they won 13 straight games in a row. The win streak is the same as the one in 1962, but this was a much more significant win as it came in the final 2 and a half weeks of the season. They came back from 3 lost games with 3 great ones thanks to Drysdale and Koufax and managed to win the World Series with 15-1.

The record shows that in 76, the Dodgers managed to win 12 games straight up. In 1980 their winning streak was 10 straight games in a row. They may have finished 3rd, but they managed to put another benchmark on the record.

In 1993 they bumped the winning streak to 11 and they took third place again. 2003 was a good year for the Dodgers as they managed to finish second place and snag 10 straight wins. The starting pitcher won in every game. In addition to this, Eric Gagne managed to allow just one single, faced 19 batters, and struck out 14 of them, which is pretty amazing.

Finally, we have 2006 which didn’t start out well for the Dodgers. They were in a tight spot because they were the last team on the list. The trade deadline was just about to end when the Dodgers acquired Greg Maddux, Wilson Betemit, and Julio Lugo. They managed to put the team back on track and make a strong run winning streak wise.

Maddux debuted as a Dodger and got 6 no-hit innings against the Red Sox. That streak was cut short when they faced the Rockies but picked back up with 6 more wins. In other words, the Dodgers got a franchise with 17 wins out of 18 total games.


The Dodgers have made a name for themselves as the record shows and 2022 is another great year as they managed to get another winning streak. The team shows that with a little bit of effort you can change anything. That’s why they have a loyal fan base cheering them on in every game and why they will continue to break records in the future.

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