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Brandon Morrow On Potentially Re-Signing With The Dodgers

The best reliever that the Dodgers had in 2017, not named Kenley Jansen, was Brandon Morrow. He was constantly used in high-leverage situations up until the very end, and having him back as Jansen’s setup-man would make Los Angeles’ bullpen lethal.

In 43.2 innings pitched during the 2017 regular season, Brandon Morrow put up a WHIP of 0.92, an ERA of 2.06, and a K/9 of 10.31. He was also dominant, for the most part, in the postseason. He gave up just one run on three hits in the NLDS and NLCS combined. He also pitched in all seven games of the World Series for a total of 5.1 innings pitched. Outside of Game 2 (1 ER) and Game 5 (4 ER), Morrow allowed no runs on two hits in 4.1 innings of work in the World Series.

Brandon Morrow was on MLB Network Radio on Thursday and he discussed what he’s looking for as a free agent. Below are some of the highlights!

Obviously you’d love to go back to the place where you had success and the Dodgers are set to be good for a long time and that’s obviously very attractive to be with a team that’s going to compete. I think that’s obviously very high on my list.

All things equal, I’d probably be going back to the Dodgers.

You can check out the rest of what Morrow had to say in the video below!

In 2017 the Dodgers’ bullpen led the National League in ERA (3.38), batting average against (.222), and strikeouts (637), and Brandon Morrow was a vital piece to that success. The Dodgers have a lot of decisions to consider this off-season when it comes to their free agents. A case can be made for re-signing pretty much all of them, not that they should, but a case can definitely be made. However, it seems like the most obvious free agent to re-sign is Brandon Morrow.

What do you think? Should the Dodgers bring back Brandon Morrow? Let us know what you think the contract should look like in the comments below!

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  1. Pretty pretty please! I certainly think he fits right in with “the boys in blue”!!!

  2. Resign Brandon Morrow at all costs, (you have the money), especially since no starter except Kershaw can go or is allowed to pitch more than six innings. Then you can cover the seventh with several guys and Morrow and Jansen can lock up the close games.

  3. WE KNOW Morrow was really great as #2…..let’s NOT screw that up…Sign Him!!!

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes….plz Dodgers decision makers bring him back. He’s a great fit for the Dodgers. #boyzinblue ??????????

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